We’re Having a Baby!

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Photography by Lyndsey Sullivan Photography / Design by ArkieStyle

I am so excited to share our big news with the world today.

Michael and I are having a baby!

This will be our first little one and we couldn’t be more overjoyed. We’ve had a blast being married and on our own for more than five years now, but we’re just so thrilled, and happy, and anxious, and excited, and all that good stuff, to finally start a family.

This little one will be SO loved.

And not just by us, but by its doting grandparents, loving aunts and uncles, and our dear friends.

baby irvin2

Photography by Lyndsey Sullivan Photography / Design by Arkie Style

Baby Irvin is due March 4, 2014, which puts me smack dab in my 12th week. I made it through the first trimester with basically NO MORNING SICKNESS. I am so grateful to God for that. However,  I fought through extreme fatigue the first two and half months, but now for two weeks, I’ve been feeling more like myself. (Michael won’t admit this – cause he’s the most supportive and loving new daddy you’ll ever meet – but my wildly hormonal emotional highs and lows have been quite hilarious.)

Side note: I was going to send these adorably designed and photographed announcements by mail as postcards, but I decided late last night that I didn’t want to wait any longer to share the news, nor chase down 100 addresses for folks. It became more work than my pregnancy brain can handle right now.

Just a few things I want to share about our experience thus far:

  • At 9 weeks, we had our first ultrasound. I cried when I heard the heartbeat. I was so relieved it was OK, but also happy it was in there in general! Here’s what Baby Irvin looked like at that time:

photo copy

  • We told our parents and siblings first (at week 5!). They were thrilled. It was special being able to tell almost all of them face-to-face.
  • A few weeks ago, my friend Lyndsey Sullivan – a beyond talented wedding and portrait photographer took announcement photos for us. Originally, my goal was to send out one or two pics in a mailed announcement, but since I’ve changed my mind, I’m going to share my favs from our session here. I’ll cherish these forever since it was such a fun evening shooting with Michael, just being happy and giddy about having a little one on the way. And Lyndsey is a gem of a person, and a photographer.


RK9A7148-Edit RK9A7156-Edit RK9A7161-Edit-2 RK9A7172-Edit RK9A7184-Edit RK9A7202-Edit RK9A7223-Edit RK9A7226

  • Michael wanted this to be our formal baby announcement photo! 😉
    His idea – cause that book has some scary stuff inside! It’s such a cute and funny picture!
  • This Monday, on the first day of my 12th week, we had our second ultrasound. It was the most incredible moment. We watched as Baby Irvin wiggled its hands/feet all around. He/she was dancing and being a little wiggle worm. It really was the most extraordinary thing. I couldn’t stop giggling! Here’s what Baby Irvin looks like now … about the size of a peach:photo
  • I’m not showing yet (in case you’re wondering). I lost 23 pounds in the 5 months leading up to finding out I was pregnant, so I’ve been fortunate to have all these new super-healthy eating and exercise habits to help feed my baby right and stave off needless weight.
    (Did you know that you’re only actually supposed to eat 300 calories more per day; not eat for two? And that in the first 12 weeks you’re only supposed to gain a max of 5 pounds?)
  • We find out the gender in mid-October at our 20 week appointment, and we can’t wait. 2 months. Eek!

So, there ya go! We’re pregnant. I can’t wait to share more about our adventure in all of this on the blog as the next 6 months unfold (can’t believe that’s all I have left!!!!). Stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “We’re Having a Baby!

  1. Take good care of your little peach, you funny girl! Congratulations. I thought it was about time for this to happen. You will love being a mommy, just as you embraced becoming a wife.

  2. So exciting! Hope you check out my blog where I have talked about SO many pregnancy topics over the last 7 months 🙂

  3. Love the photos! Lyndsey Sullivan did a great job. You look absolutely beautiful! Congratulations again! I can’t wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl so I can start shopping. Miniature things are the best! Love you!

  4. Congratulations!! So excited to hear about your journey. Pregnancy and birth is such an incredible experience so cherish it. I had pretty much the same symptoms as you so hopefully everything else runs just as smoothly. Love the photos!

  5. You two are the most adorable couple, and you will be fantastic parents. Love the look of horror on Michael’s face photo when reading the baby care book. We family members feel like we are living this with you even though you are miles away! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Love you, Aunti Di

  6. I can’t imagine any two people being more destined to make a really GREAT mommy and daddy. You two (oops 3) are very special. SO HAPPY for you. Love you…..Aunti J.

  7. Such wonderful news. We are all so excited about Baby Irvin. I love the way you wrote this announcement in your blog. And the expressiveness in your sharing of these precious moments with us, is just so touching.
    Congratulations to you and Michael.

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