How to Make Popcorn in a Brown Paper Sack (Hint: It’s SUPER Easy!)

I’ve got to say thank you to Mrs. Stephanie Hott for teaching me how to do make popcorn in a brown paper sack.

You may remember a while back I posted about my new popcorn maker and how much I loved it. Well, it broke. Just like I read in the reviews of my maker, it broke basically without effort during cleanup one day. I was very upset. But then relieved when Stephanie told me about making popcorn this way.

Here’s how it works:

1 – brown paper sack
1 – 1/4 cup measuring cup
1 – package popping corn kernels
2 tablespoons salted, organic butter (or butter of your choice)
1 – bowl to eat your yummy popcorn out of

Directions: Measure 1/4 cup of kernels into your measuring cup. Pour into brown paper sack. Curl up edges of the bag so that the kernel don’t escape during popping. Microwave for 2 minutes (give of take). Stop the microwave if 2-3 seconds pass between pops. It cooks faster in the thin brown paper bag. After it’s finished popping, pour into your bowl. Then, melt 2 tablespoons of butter (or more if you are a butter addict) in the microwave. About 20-30 seconds to liquify. Then, drizzle 1/2 over your popcorn. Toss the popcorn to spread the first layer of butter around, then, pour the remaining butter over the popcorn. And, finally, enjoy!

IMG_3966 IMG_3962 IMG_3980 IMG_3981IMG_3997 IMG_3998 IMG_4000 IMG_4001 IMG_4003 IMG_4006 IMG_4008 IMG_4010


  • FREE – 1 bottle of kernels costs like $4, but I had mine in the house already. I bought it like 3 months ago and have made at least 8 batches of popcorn with it and have SO much left. It’s an insane value.
  • FREE – I bought a big stack of brown paper lunch sacks a long time ago for like $3 and never used them, so I also had these in the house.
  • FREE – Butter. Everyone always has this in the house.

2 thoughts on “How to Make Popcorn in a Brown Paper Sack (Hint: It’s SUPER Easy!)

  1. Thank you, Lindsay and Mrs. Hott! I refuse to eat processed foods, particularly anything involving oil. I HATE bought miocrowave popcorn and still do mine in a skillet on the stovetop. This is even easier. And still healthy. Thanks a million. Reading the time, money and health-saving stuff you women post makes me think Millenials aren’t as light-headed as some “experts” suggest.

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