Introducing Mrs. Aubri Duran to Mrs. & the Misc.

We are so excited to introduce you to the newest Mrs.!


As you might have noticed, Mrs. Robertson has been m.i.a. on the blog for a while. She is taking a step back to focus on baby number two (which is coming very soon). Her awesome crafting skills and recipes will be missed, but she may visit us here from time to time with occasional posts to keep us in the loop with her incredible journey with two kiddos.

So, cue Aubri Duran! She is a dear friend of mine (see pictures from our friendship below) — someone I met early on after moving to Little Rock. She welcomed me with her great big heart and I was charmed!

She is married to her high school sweetheart and these two are so adorable together. Michael and I just adore them! Here are some cute pix of the two! These make me smile!



As you’ll soon learn via her weekly Tuesday posts, Aubri is a super sweet wifey with lots of amazing ideas and God-given talents you’ll be excited by.


Remember those “Friends” TV show bridal shower invites?! That is Aubri’s handiwork!

So, stay tuned today for her very first post! We’re excited for her blogs about her graphic design work, her work on and decorating of her and her husband’s new first home, and her culinary advice (THIS GIRL CAN BAKE Y’ALL!).

I hope you’ll welcome Aubri today when her post goes live and follow along in the coming months for her tips, stories and more.

XOXO, Lindsay






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