Show Your Stripes!


I would so wear this…

Not sure what it is about stripes. Perhaps I see them as a “classic”, or safe neutral, but they are my go to on days when I find myself staring at all of the clothes I own, thinking of how I have nothing to wear.


1) The Kiki, Kate Spade 2) Viva Striped Tote, Tory Burch 3) Dolce & Gabbana 4) Tory Burch phone case 5) FAKE/REAL Forever 21

Stripes don’t have to always be in black and white to be classic. Check out the below examples of stripes in fashion colors. I love how a good navy and white stripe can make any outfit look polished and instantly put together.tumblr_me0ah1ZwlD1rrhfopo1_500


colored stripes

1) Archival Dress, Anthropologie, 2) atlantic-pacific blog, 3) 4)

me in stripes

Me, mixing navy/white stripe top with floral skirt, and alligator belt


Never would have thought to pair with a fur vest, but it works!

Here are some good black and white dresses:


Some cute top ideas:


Me in stripes for girl’s night. Dress by Virginia Taylor

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