DIY recycled T-shirt top

I’ve recently begun to think of ways for recycling everything! Perhaps its this “Pinterest” or “Etsy” DIY age that we currently live in, but there ARE multiple uses for most items we would typically trash. Here is one example….Bubble wrap   print tablecloth (from one of my absolute favorite bloggers): Bubble-Wrap-Tablecloth-1Bubble-Wrap-Tablecloth-5Bubble-Wrap-Tablecloth-8

Seeing how easy this was, I decided to try my hand at “recycled fashion“, using a t-shirt that was about to go to the goodwill drop box. It took about an hour to make, and overall, I would say fairly easy (IF you know how to sew). This particular project could be a dress or shirt for a little girl.

Supplies Needed: Old Shirt, Scissors, Pins, Washable Marker, Sewing Machine.


Any Shirt will work. You can even use colored t-shirts or graphic tees.


2. Cut off sleeves and lower hem of shirt. Then set to side.


Draw Outline of top or dress on the chosen t-shirt, with a washable colored marker. You can always trim shape before sewing…IF it looks wonky!


Cut around the “desired shape”. Toss away the rest of the shirt.Then fold over “your design” and pin.



Stitch sides at 1/4 or 1/2″. It really depends on how you want your design to fit your little one. Stitch shoulders at 1/4 or 1/2″…your choice. Then turn inside out…So seam allowance is now inside. Note: armhole and hem edge will be raw. This is on purpose.


Now is time to grab the sleeve and hem edges that you cut off. Gather on your sewing machine. It is up to you how much gathers you prefer. Then create any design you want on your design and stitch down.


Because I wanted full gathers…I did not have enough to go around the neckline…but could easily have cut more strips from the remains of the t-shirt


Grab Patriotic ribbon, or embroidered cutesy items to jazz up your design…or not, if you like the simple classic look you have created


The finished product!

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