The BIG move!!

So I haven’t told you readers, but we bought a house. 2 months ago! You could say my excitement has been somewhat delayed because we did a “rent-back” to the previous homeowners, as their new home was in the construction process. But as of today, we will be able to walk inside the house. We are not actually moving in YET because we are having some work take place over the course of this next week, so our big move  will actually be next weekend. If you are a regular reader, you know, I was feeling discouraged for a long time , mostly in part to this crazy Dallas housing market, but, also due to a bad attitude. You see, I suffer from a “want now” mentality when it comes to houses. I “wanted” everything to be already done, or looking exactly how I always envisioned my future house to look, within a couple of weeks. However, I had a “self” attitude adjustment, and thank God alone, got myself out of the “discontent spirit” that had taken hold of me. A house is what you make it, and not everything is going to be the way I want it, right away. Projects take money, and when you first buy a house, its not going to look like that “dream house” you found one night on HGTV. Everyone has different incomes in life, different backgrounds, and stories, and one of the things that I am personally addressing is to be just thankful with what God has blessed me with RIGHT now.  I might not have that “perfect” kitchen right away, or beautiful bed, or amazing backyard like the ones I see in my Southern Living magazine ALL the time…But, I have to remember I have other things that God has blessed me with instead. Like my health, and family.  I am working on not comparing my life (stage) to others, or sinking into the “I need-Must have” pit of despair, but focusing on being patient and appreciative of life and the little moments. I am excited that you get to share in this next big step with me reader, and hope that you too, realize all the things you have to be thankful for.

Ciao!  Till next week!!


Remembering Kidd Kraddick: Goodbye to My Good-Morning Friend

Someone I never met in person, but that I spent many of my mornings with, passed away this weekend. And I’m sad about it. Kidd Kraddick, host of the very popular, syndicated morning show Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, died suddenly on Friday. I was shocked to learn the news late Saturday night.


I don’t think I’ve ever cried over a celebrity or public figure’s death before, but I did for him.

Imagine waking up and listening to someone every single morning as you put your makeup on and get dressed, and continuing as you drive to work, and sometimes keeping the show on via earbuds at the office because the conversation was too good to end. Well, that’s how I’ve spent most of my mornings over the past 17+ years. I will miss hearing his voice. I will miss the show terribly if they cancel it in his absence. My routine of listening was so much more than that. I felt like I was missing out on spending time with friends on the days I couldn’t listen or was out of town.

I felt like I knew him because he – and his crew – shared so much about their lives with us listeners. I feel like he was a part of my life for some reason, but I guess it’s because he was. How can he not have been when he talked to me every morning since I was 10!?


In fifth grade, at age 10, my mom bought me my very first boom box to play CDs on and I was so thrilled. I remember from that point on, listening to my local hits channel in Dallas, 106.1 Kiss FM, in the mornings when I’d wake up and get ready for school. (Retro Kidd Kraddick in the morning in the late 1990s was the BEST; it was more bit-heavy and the bits were all just so funny).

I remember calling in so many times to try and win backstage passes to Nsync concerts; trying to get through to no avail. But finally, 13 years into being a listener, I got through during a bit called “Get Over It” and was able to talk to the cast for a brief moment. It was a memorable moment. I remember saying that Tony Romo needed to get over his broken pinkie and play – since he wasn’t going to for a few games and I thought he wasn’t being very tough. I remember Kidd’s reaction was more of a “oooooh burn” type of reaction. I guess he thought I was being too hard on Tony. I don’t really remember what else was said from there ’cause my call-in was over before I knew it.

I have a lot of great memories from past morning shows….

I remember crying as he would read touching Kidd’s Kids letters from parents, and I especially remember at Christmastime, how he would fulfill Kiss-mas Wishes for deserving and needy families. He was so passionate about giving/helping those less fortunate.


I remember his obsession with Apple and iPhones and having to have the latest technology before everyone else. I remember when he got the very first Kindle and it was like $400+ or something, and I just remember so much little stuff like that.

I remember how mad he made kelly when he made her move out of her space and into the main recording area so she’d be in the Kidd TV shot. That was a funny day.

Craigslist Christmas, Craigslist Valentines Day and all those Craigslist bits from recent years.

One thing that still makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it, is his impersonation of Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Kidd’s remakes of Nickelback songs (click to hear clips from them!). Hilarious lyrics mocking the band and making us laugh hysterically. Gosh, one of them haha, he changed the words to being about meat.  Lol And one was about “really big hands” LMAO.


I wish I has a CD collection of all the shows. I would probably never listen to them all, but just knowing the memories were there to revisit again would be nice. The old shows from when I was a teenager are long gone, but at least there are so many videos, including these:

It’s just that this is an end of an era for me, and all of us listeners. (I remember thinking to myself  many times: “What is going to happen when he retires; what will it be like when they cancel the show; what will I listen to every morning?” I dreaded that.)


So many of my peers and Dallas-ites grew up on the show. And they can totally relate. Most morning shows aren’t good. The ones here in LIT have never measured up (my opinion), but that’s probably because Kidd’s was MY show from childhood, just a family and no one can replace that. His show was gold and that’s why it was #1 in the country and syndicated in 75 cities, and then turned into a TV show. They were a family and he was the dad, and we all felt like he was our family too – saying hi and making us smile every day.

He is missed – in my home and so many others. And so deeply missed by his cast-mates, his crew and especially his family.


I don’t care if any of you read this or think that I’m weird for writing about this, but I have been thinking about this since Saturday evening and I felt I had to use my blog post today to share my feelings. So, moving on past the sad news – in the words of Kidd Kraddick – I’m going to:

“Keep looking up, ’cause that’s where it all is.”

Sooth an upset stomach with ginger tea

Ginger has been long associated as a remedy for upset stomachs, in fact it has been used in Asia as such for thousands of years. According to WebMD, studies have found that ginger also lessened menstrual cramps, and helped reduce the nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness in pregnant women.  In the US, ginger ale is commonly used in an attempt to alleviate a stomach ache, but here is the list of Canada Dry Ginger Ale ingredients:

Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate (preservative), natural flavors, caramel color

Since every other ingredient on that list is questionable, I’ve found it is better to make tea with real ginger root, and bypassing the lab created chemicals altogether and getting a more potent dose of soothing ginger. Since pure ginger tea can be a bit strong, I add lemon and honey for taste. Here’s how to make ginger tea:

Ginger root (about 1 Tbl per cup)

A couple thin slices of lemon (1-2 per cup)

Honey to taste (I add 1/2 tsp per cup)

Finely chop ginger and place with other ingredients in a french press, add boiling water and let steep for at least 10-20 min, longer if you want your tea stronger. Strain and enjoy.

Show Your Stripes!


I would so wear this…

Not sure what it is about stripes. Perhaps I see them as a “classic”, or safe neutral, but they are my go to on days when I find myself staring at all of the clothes I own, thinking of how I have nothing to wear.


1) The Kiki, Kate Spade 2) Viva Striped Tote, Tory Burch 3) Dolce & Gabbana 4) Tory Burch phone case 5) FAKE/REAL Forever 21

Stripes don’t have to always be in black and white to be classic. Check out the below examples of stripes in fashion colors. I love how a good navy and white stripe can make any outfit look polished and instantly put together.tumblr_me0ah1ZwlD1rrhfopo1_500


colored stripes

1) Archival Dress, Anthropologie, 2) atlantic-pacific blog, 3) 4)

me in stripes

Me, mixing navy/white stripe top with floral skirt, and alligator belt


Never would have thought to pair with a fur vest, but it works!

Here are some good black and white dresses:


Some cute top ideas:


Me in stripes for girl’s night. Dress by Virginia Taylor

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Update a mirror for $.99

I’ve had this old wrought iron mirror since college, it was a gift and to tell the truth it was never my favorite piece, so lately it has been sitting in the back of a closet, but a fresh coat of $.99 spray paint gave it a shabby chic update.


Not in the mood to cook

egg4I grew up in a large-ish family. We ate leftovers almost ALWAYS-the next day. My particular husband however, does NOT eat leftovers. As it is hard to cook for just the two of us, I typically end up eating said leftovers for lunch or dinner-which gets old fast! During the summer, Texas heat dissuades me from wanting to cook because of the ovens radiating heat, and  I decided to try a PINTEREST pin, that was described as being easy/fast!

EASY FACTOR: extremely uncomplicated, great for parties, easy dinner, or holiday breakfasts


-microwave 6 bacon slices (cover with paper towels to prevent splatter and for soaking up grease) for about 5-8 minutes….at least until cooked/yet flexible… it should not be crispy…just barely cooked

-1/2 cup chopped chives

-3/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

-5 eggs that have been beaten in bowl

-salt, pepper, garlic salt

-(1) 6 muffin tin sprayed with pam

-3 bread slices


PREHEAT OVEN TO 350 degress

1. Take a small glass and press the rim into a bread slice. You should be able to get 2 circles out of each slice. Then peel away the excess around the “circles” and toss excess. Put one bread circle in the bottom of each muffin tin.

2. Take your microwaved bacon and shape 1 slice into each of the 6 muffin spots

3. Throw your chives into the whipped egg bowl, along with a pinch of salt, pepper, and 1/2 garlic salt. Mix together. NOTE: you could always add spinach, or feta instead of cheddar, zucchini, switch eggs for whites, etc.


4. Pour egg mixture evenly into each muffin hole.

5. Top each with cheddar cheese.


6. Place pan beneath your muffin tin (this is to save you cleanup, in case you put too much into each of the muffin cups)

SET IN OVEN for about 15-20 minutes. It really depends on how accurate/how hot your oven gets.


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