A Weekend with the Mrs: How to Make an Improv Cocktail

This past weekend, Mrs. Christensen and Mrs. Fincher drove up from Dallas to visit me in Little Rock. It was just a weekend of no big plans, but lots of catching up and laughter.

Friday night, Mrs. Christensen had a hankering for Chinese food, so I took her to my favorite local spot, Fantastic China. We shut down the place. We continued talking the night away back at the house.

Saturday we went in search of estate sales, shopped at my favorite local boutiques and made them try Scallions, a local lunch staple. After a busy day, we decided to eat in instead, and challenged ourselves to a round of kitchen “improv” – that’s right, improv.

What that means – and I totally made up this game on the fly – is that we each had to make a dish using only the ingredients I had on hand in the house (I had just gone grocery shopping about 4 days prior, so it was a fair game). Each of us were assigned a different course.

So, this week, we’ll be sharing our “improv” recipes, as well as some other gems from our weekend together.

{Improv Cocktail}

  • 1 part – whatever you have that’s alcoholic
  • 1 part – whatever you have that sounds like it’ll taste good with the first part

Ha. All kidding aside here is the recipe I came up with …

  • 2 parts – La Croix Sparking Water (I am OBSESSED with it these days; helped me quit soda) 
  • 1 part – Midori Melon Liquor (left over from New Years Eve in my freezer)
  • 4 raspberries (I had these on hand to go in my greek yogurt)
  • 1 lime wedge (I always have these around to squeeze into my La Croix)


Pour your La Croix over ice until the glass is 2/3 filled. Add about two shots of Midori Melon liquor. Toss in the four raspberries and muddle with a spoon. Squeeze the lime wedge into the concoction and toss in for long-lasting flavor.





It it tasted amazing! I love that the sparking water was the CALORIE-FREE base of the drink. I didn’t have to feel guilty drinking a sugary drink. The raspberries and lime juice were healthy, too!

I had to make the girls sample it … and they liked it!




We’d make it again!


I hope you’ll try it.

PS: I’ll post about my entrée later next week … it was yummy! And easy.

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