The Tower Spa Review: they get an A-!


Last week my little sister won a spa party package for two, to ‘The Tower Salon & Spa‘ in Dallas, TX. She called about 45 minutes before the scheduled appointment for an invite, and of course I said YES! My cool cat boss had stated just that morning we were to leave early after our long week, so to double check, I asked again and she dismissed me with a smile! Zipping downtown is usually not possible at 3:45 on Friday, but somehow I only ran 8 minutes late.

The Tower Spa front desk was expecting me, and upon arrival, an attendant handed me a plush white robe and slippers, before leading the way to the lady’s locker room to meet my sister. Once inside, I noted they had most essentials (with exception of toothbrush) that were needed for a shower (if desired) after the massage or yoga class.

What was included in our “package”: manicure, facial with mask, reflexology, back and neck massage, yoga class, and fruits/water/wine.

Here are my Ratings:

Front Desk Service: A+. Friendly and able to answer questions and/or meet needs.

Background Music: B+ Typically I wouldn’t even mention this. However, I was bothered a bit since the music was too loud. While they were playing all the top tunes, it was just loud enough to compromise a relaxing mood.

Technician (nail): A+. I do not recall her name, and while she was not a chatty Cathy, she attempted small talk for about 2 minutes which was pleasant. I sat in comfortable silence while she painted my very short nails (I bite, I admit), and the end result was lovely. I have not painted my nails in 2 years, so this was nice.. Since getting polished, I have not bitten a nail or a cuticle. I promise!photo 1

Facial: A+. This was my first facial ever, and it was really refreshing. I did not realize how relaxing they could be. They washed, massaged, and painted my face, only to massage and replenish with lotion after the whole treatment6F966F3D-E140-4605-B27A-90EA3DBA6D6Fphoto 3BF9AB158-67CA-4989-9077-3D7CB5E11F59

Masseuse: A+.  Best massage ever.  Sometimes I think because I am on the tinier side….the masseuse will go lighter because they don’t think I can handle it. This guy Toby (Tobias) was AMAZING and worked on some really painful knots. I will definitely revisit and recommend to anyone.

Reflexologist (foot massage): B. I give anyone props who likes to touch other people’s feet…HOWEVER, the pressure “points” he was supposed to be hitting, were not necessarily right on and it just felt as though someone was  rubbing lotion on my feet. Lets just say my feet did not feel “revived” afterwards…

Refreshments: A+ fresh fruits were nice after a glass of white wine and facial,  and I was offered multiple bottles of water.

Yoga: A+: While I did not partake in the said “relaxing” yoga class, the instructor was inviting and personally came by to let us know that she was available if we wanted to participate in a relaxing/breathing yoga session.

OVERALL: A wonderful clean relaxing spa. Great Idea for friends, couples, bachelorette parties, or just to treat yourself


12 thoughts on “The Tower Spa Review: they get an A-!

  1. Wow! That seems like a fun day! Thanks for the “like” on my post about stepping out for afternoon tea. It seems we both had relaxing days!!

  2. Hello!!!

    Just came across your review and I wanted to say thank you for the kind words in regards to my massage. 🙂 I try my best and hope to see you again sometime soon for a full session. Your post made my day.

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