Country Chic Bud Vase

This Memorial Day, we decided to throw a fairly last minute cook-out (I’m now suspicious that my husband put the idea of this in my head as an elaborate scheme to get a new grill) but anyway, I needed some decorations quick and made these in a few minutes with items I already had. All it took was a couple of old beer bottles, strips of ribbon, and some spray paint. (If you don’t have the spray paint you can pick some up at Lowes for $.99). I made these to hold flags for the holiday, but you could just as easily use them for flowers or twig clippings.

Peel the labels off of your beer bottles.

Nails: Dior “Crystal”

Spray paint the bottles. (I put down cardboard so I didn’t stain my concrete.)

Tie a ribbon around the neck.

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