Flavored Ice Cubes

My husband and I both being from the south, we drink a good deal of sweet tea. Having brunch on our back porch last weekend I decided to spruce things up a bit and offer some flavored ice cubes with tea and lemonade. I did two flavors, lemon lime and berry. For the lemon lime ice I sliced up a lime and added a mixture of lemon and orange juice, and for the berry, I dropped a few berries into the trays and poured in a mixture of cranberry and orange juice. The ice cubes not only looked pretty but had a surprisingly potent effect in transforming these classic beverages.

7 thoughts on “Flavored Ice Cubes

  1. Great idea! Love it and I am so going to copy this for special occasions at my house. There are so many diff. flavor combos you could try and i especially love how pretty your photos always are … making me look bad!

    • aw, this is so sweet! i love that she hosted a brunch in your honor. how thoughtful. She puts so much care into her food and the details like fruit-filled ice cubes make it much more special.

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