To Market, To Market to buy a…


So last Saturday, my husband and I were in the mood to hunt for treasures/junk/ thingamajigs. However, we live about two hours from Canton, and Canton trade days only happen one weekend out of every month (which had already taken place at the beginning of April). So after some quick internet searching, I discovered that McKinney, TX  has their own “third Monday trade days“, which starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. The hours are: 8am to 5pm, its only $5 to park, free parking Fridays, and if you come Saturday or Sunday after 3pm, parking is also free. So, how could I resist checking out this local flea market which was taking place, as yours truly was searching for the very thing? It was meant to be! Hopping into our vehicle, we headed on over to support our local vendors! flea market patrons

This past weekend’s excursion is perfect for those readers that have children. Because it is outside, it will not matter if your child is extremely vocal, curious, or likes to run around. Guess what? Everyone else apparently thought the same thing, and there were many kids just having a blast. Besides treasured “junk”, I wandered across one aisle which had different types of animals for sale: bunnies, puppies, and a few kittens. While I cannot vouch for “pedigree’s” , shots, or neutered/spade animals…the babies were all very cute (with the exception of the chickens). Another interactive thing for your child is the outside pony rides. There was a small line , when I came across the tent, but I managed to capture this small cowboy:

pony ride

While this flea market is not comparable to Canton’s, I appreciated the proximity to home, local vendors such as the “Warne Bee Farm“(where I found more honey straws to purchase), and the few older vendors who actually had treasure, and not just something they purchased “wholesale” and were trying to market as one of a kind (FYI, its not that special if a.) you have more stored in a box under your table and b.) its less than a year old! ha!). Two more interesting items I came across: a “supposed” 1800 brain/skull drilling kit for surgeries, and the top of a windmill-which could be used as part of a cool art installation.

I would definitely recommend it for: a family affordable Saturday afternoon, a date, get out of the house sort of day… however, I will hold out for Canton or Roundtop, and probably won’t be returning for at least 5 years.

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