Pinterest Pass or Fail? Vanilla Household Odor Eliminator

The moment I saw this pin, I couldn’t wait to get home and try it.

Picture 1

I didn’t have any nasty odors to cover up or eliminate, but having the scent of vanilla greet my nostrils when I return home everyday was motivation enough.

All it calls for is this:

2 capfuls of vanilla extract – placed into a coffee mug

oven set to 300-degrees

put mug in oven – sit for 1 hour


…10 mins.

….20 mins.

…30 mins.

…40 mins.

…50 mins.


The promise was “Within twenty minutes the whole house smells like heaven…” and it’s no where near true. It made the kitchen and a couple of the rooms adjacent to it  smell good for the evening, but def. not the whole house and not for very long! Not even close. Maybe the original blogger had a studio apartment.

Picture 2

I plan to try this one next:

Picture 3

8 thoughts on “Pinterest Pass or Fail? Vanilla Household Odor Eliminator

  1. Is it me or are there a few recipes going around that call for vanilla and don’t work? Vanilla isn’t cheap, especially the good stuff. I’m calling it the vanilla prank. There is one for bug repellent. It may work wonders, but bug repellent with vanilla? No.

  2. I do the Christmas one every year! I do cranberry, cinnamon sticks and orange slices. I put it on back burner of the stove and leave it on simmer all day, and keep a timer going to add a cup of water every hour or so. It smells soooo nice, and it keeps some humidity in the house for the kid’s dry noses! Also, I like to try different things depending on what rinds I have leftover, like lemon rind and rosemary.

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