All Natural Hair Dye?

Whole Foods carries natural hair dyes and I have been intrigued by this for some time. There are rumors swirling around about regular hair dyes being carcinogenic in addition to harmful for the environment as they are washed down the drain, so I figured at $17.99, this was worth a shot.

I wanted to add a few highlights and this (10N) is the lightest shade they carried.


Here is my natural hair, the “before” shot.

The treated hair is on the left.

The resulting highlights were extremely subtle, and I wanted a little more dimension, so I went back and got a darker box to add some lowlights, in hopes that they would make the light strands stand out more.  FYI this dye did have a faint smell, but it was a stark contrast from normal dyes that singe your nose hairs.

This color (5N), was labeled “Light Chestnut Brown.” Who would’ve known from the picture they used…

Color treated hair is on the left.


Here is the final look. If you were wanting a dramatic color change this might not be the right stuff, but considering all I wanted was a color pick-me-up, I am happy with the results.

3 thoughts on “All Natural Hair Dye?

  1. It is vital that a strand test is performed on uncoloured hair so that you can preview the new colour and see how the henna reacts with your natural hair colour. If you have naturally light hair henna could turn it a vibrant orange which may be exactly what you wanted or it could be your worst nightmare, either way it’s worth checking before you do your whole head, because you will have to live with the colour for at least a couple of months unless you want to spend large amounts of money on treatments that are not totally successful and could damage your hair which opens up a whole new set of problems.

    henna hair dye

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