The Reunion


10th grade

So this is me in 10th grade, and I remember thinking I could pass as an 18 year old. To be young and in high school…we don’t have many worries or responsibilities beyond: how we look, act, whom we hang out with, peer acceptance, plans for the upcoming weekend,etc. We aren’t concerned with sickness or death…because it isn’t happening (so we “feel”) in our near future, and the present is- here and now. The boy/or girl, that we are dating…we think they are “the one”, until, they aren’t. Money? We don’t have any, but it doesn’t matter since our parents pay for most of our expenses, and we don’t realize yet, how everything cost something. HIGH SCHOOL. Looking back, I think of all the ridiculous things that were worried or cared about, but they were “life changing” back then!

Anyways,  its THAT time.


Senior prank

10 years since high school graduation which means….10 year high school reunion. Mrs. Fincher, Mrs. Irvin and I attended and graduated from a small h.s (about 40-ish in graduating class) and against most odds (being that most high school friends don’t) are still the best of friends.


Two weeks ago, I received an invitation to our high school reunion: to visit and view all changes that have taken place at the school- since walking out of those academic doors, diploma in hand, and future dreams in the other.  When you are parting ways with your comrades, it is hard to believe that you will never see these friends who walked beside you for four years, and yet, with the exception of Facebook, I have not seen most of those fond faces in person, since graduation.


“Decade Day”. We did not dress like this everyday, as we were usually in uniform.

A lot happens in ten years: college, new job, babies, new career, expecting children, realizing college isn’t right for you, marriage, loss of a friend, loss of a parent, finding oneself, divorce, still looking for oneself, moving across country, first home, first love, freedom, life altering decisions. Our graduating class was known as the “rebel” class- to put it nicely, and probably half live out of town or state… I look forward to seeing who will show, & I’ll let you know reader, if it was a good turnout! How was your h.s reunion? Did you go? I’d love to hear…

10 thoughts on “The Reunion

  1. I hope you will have a great time! I didn’t go to mine, I missed it! didn’t even realize until I met an old friend of mine and asked me why I didn’t come! told her I never received the invite; I moved 3 times since I graduated so it was unlikely for me to receive the invitation! I’m sure yours will be great! let us know how it goes! 🙂

  2. just stumbled on yalls blog after snooping on people from the reunion facebook page 🙂 – It’s great! Good writing and down the road it will be a really good historical index of your late 20’s and beyond. Hope you three are doing well.

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