Recipe: Guilt-Free Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars with Peanut Butter Crust

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For my week of making our work group’s Treatsie Tuesday snack, I wanted to lead by example with something healthy. Mainly because I’m dieting and exercising, and haven’t been able to eat much of the Treatsie treats lately. I wanted … Continue reading

A day at the races!

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Sunday, our best friends accompanied us to Lonestar Park to enjoy a few races, drinks, and a fun afternoon before the work week began. For some reason I always thought it was so far away, but one way, took about 20 minutes … Continue reading

Short and Sweet

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This past weekend I went with some friends to the North Dallas Taco Festival in Deep Elum, which included taco stands by area restaurants such as Urban Taco, Velvet Taco, Rusty Tacos, Revolver Taco Lounge and more. The weather here has been fickle … Continue reading

To Market, To Market to buy a…

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So last Saturday, my husband and I were in the mood to hunt for treasures/junk/ thingamajigs. However, we live about two hours from Canton, and Canton trade days only happen one weekend out of every month (which had already taken … Continue reading

Pinterest Pass or Fail? Vanilla Household Odor Eliminator

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The moment I saw this pin, I couldn’t wait to get home and try it. I didn’t have any nasty odors to cover up or eliminate, but having the scent of vanilla greet my nostrils when I return home everyday … Continue reading

Recipe for Homemade Dog Treats – Peanut Butter Dog Bone Biscuits

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For Christmas, my sweet friend Kami gave me an adorable doggie coffee mug, Christmas-pup dish towel and a dog bone-shaped cookie cutter with recipe for making homemade doggie bone biscuits. I was thrilled. Such a creative gift idea. It’s taken … Continue reading

All Natural Hair Dye?

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Whole Foods carries natural hair dyes and I have been intrigued by this for some time. There are rumors swirling around about regular hair dyes being carcinogenic in addition to harmful for the environment as they are washed down the drain, so … Continue reading

The Reunion

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So this is me in 10th grade, and I remember thinking I could pass as an 18 year old. To be young and in high school…we don’t have many worries or responsibilities beyond: how we look, act, whom we hang … Continue reading

Our House a.k.a. Presley’s Clubhouse

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My scrumptious baby boy Presley turned TWO on February 12th! My oh my how the time flies. He is turning into the sweetest, most tender hearted little boy. He has a heart of gold and never meets a stranger. He … Continue reading

The Day My Husband Cooked…Bacon-Wrapped Bourbon-Glazed Quail with Hot Pepper Jelly Glaze

My husband recently made me the most amazing dinner. I’m not the kind to eat meat off of a bone. It grosses me out. But I’ll say this: His grilled quail was so finger-licking good that I was gnawing on the carcass to get every last bit of meat into my belly!

He got the recipe from It’s GOOD y’all!

It was a nice change of pace for the hubs to cook for me, and based on his skills, we’ll be making this a regular occurrence hehe! He’s more talented than he knows. And he looked so cute while he was cooking to boot!

Ladies – and gents – this is a recipe to STEAL! Enjoy!