Unconventional Anniversary Gift


This past weekend was our 5 year anniversary. When we first got married, my husband insisted that we follow the traditional gift schedule, which can be found here. This year being “wood”, we decided to go on a trip in lieu of actual gifts.  We stayed at a log cabin in the woods, in Wears Valley, TN. We hiked to waterfalls, taste tested moonshine and homemade wine, drank hot chocolate in rocking chairs on the porch, and hung out in the hot tub that overlooked the peaks of the Smoky Mountains National Park. And then we drove to Nashville to see the Florida Gators play in the SEC basketball national championship. Yes, that part was entirely for my husband, but I figured I dragged him into enough fudge shops to call it even:) Plus bar-hopping and listening to live music on Church St. and lower Broadway in downtown Nashville was fun. All in all it was a relaxing weekend get-a-way and the perfect way so celebrate 5 happy years together!

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