My New, New Year’s Resolution: Try Something Different Each Month

We’re nearing completion of our newest issue of Little Rock Guest Guide 2014 and it’s coming together beautifully, but each guest guide publication I work on for my new hometown – I’m also editor of Metro Little Rock Guide, a publication for newcomers to the area – I learn something new. A lot of times, it’s something about a store I’ve never shopped at or an eatery I’ve yet to try … this issue is no different. I’m inspired to try a new place or two in Little Rock each month. That’s my new goal, my new, New Year’s resolution I guess.

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 9.55.02 AM

I’ve lived here for four years in September. It didn’t take long before we’d established favorites here though. We have our go-tos for Mexican food–Brownings, Chinese food–Fantastic China, Mediterranean–YaYa’s,  sushi–Sushi Cafe. We have our favorite fancy, date-night places – Brave New and Ashley’s, our “I don’t want to cook” dinner places–Loca Luna & Faded Rose, and our brunch spot–Red Door …. we don’t branch out all that often.

BUT that’s about to change. I’m going to make a goal to try one new restaurant or pop into a new store once each month in Little Rock. Maybe it’ll create new favorites for us, or maybe I’ll have an even more well-rounded arsenal of recommendations for my readers. I’m so excited.

So. Why am I sharing this with you? Well, I think it’s something everyone should do right along with me. Sort of as a support-local-businesses type thing, but also for those who’re also new to cities OR for those who’ve lived somewhere so long that they’ve got their list of go-tos like me and don’t deviate – ever. It’s time to start exploring your hometowns once more and discovering new things!

I think it’ll be fun. Don’t you?

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