Hippity Hop, Hippity Hop, Easter’s On It’s Way

Everyone loves a cute Easter wreath right?? Well, one of my friends introduced me to Chevron burlap at Hobby Lobby and I knew I had to make a wreath out of it. It’s SO simple and I think it’s adorable!

Here is everything you need and it all comes from Hobby Lobby. The best part is most of it was 50% off or I used a 40% coupon!


Of course, you can use anything you want to decorate it and I’m sure it will be just as fab  🙂

I’m going to show you how to make it with a yellow burlap, since mine is already hanging on my door. Basically you just use a hot glue gun and bunch the fabric up and glue to the wire wreath. I always get the low temp glue so I don’t burn my fingers.


Next, once you wrap the entire wire wreath you can start decorating! I used a neat moss first, and then I glued the nest down. After that you can glue eggs in it, apply the bunny, chick and also the carrots to the top.


I didn’t take a picture doing the carrots because it was so easy. I just tied them together with the burlap string that came with them and then tied them to the wreath!


Here is my final project!


12 thoughts on “Hippity Hop, Hippity Hop, Easter’s On It’s Way

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