DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms

These pom poms brighten up any party or shower, and sure you can buy them, but I made a dozen of these for few dollars (you can get packs of tissue paper at the dollar store) versus the $20-50 you would spend buying them online. When they are so easy and cheap to make, why not do it yourself?  Plus this way you can create a pom pom from any color or pattern tissue paper. All you need is some tissue paper, floral wire, and a scissors, and some thread if you want to hang them.

Lay out 8-10 sheets of tissue (for large pom poms use 10).

Making 1 in. folds, go back and forth in an accordion pattern.

Twist some floral wire around the middle. If you want to hang these, you can tie a ribbon or  invisible thread around this wire now to save yourself some trouble later.

Trim the ends so they come to a rounded point.

Spread out like a fan.

Carefully pull sheets of tissue up toward the middle.

The only thing cuter than these pom poms is my brother’s new baby puppy! Welcome to the family Bruce!

Hang by invisible thread to decorate an entrance…

Or  from a chandelier to create a fun backdrop for the table at a shower or party!

3 thoughts on “DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms

  1. If you’re into recycling, and you know a store with interesting one use bags, you can make them out of plastic shopping bags

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