Drumroll please…

Today I am excited to share with you, my new boys line: loveme apparel. Five years ago I would not have thought I’d be where I am today, however…that was 5 years ago!

Plaid jacket white oxford

red checkseersucker jacketchambray1blue checkls stripeblue oxford short sleeve


Q: Why start a company?

A:  After graduating with a BFA in fashion design, I had a difficult time finding a job in Dallas/anywhere. Because Dallas is not New York, and most design companies won’t hire you unless you have “experience” (which means, experience they aren’t willing to give you, until you get experience elsewhere) I caught a break & was hired on by a childrenswear company. While I was not hired on as a designer, I was  involved in many of the other processes, and through the experience realized one day I was going to start my own thing. Then, in 2012, inspired by the birth of my first nephew, I decided it was time to go for it. As I have just gotten it up and running, I am unsure if it will succeed, but one things for sure…I have at least tried, and am very excited & hopeful! No regrets!!!

If you are thinking of starting a company, have done your research, and think it could work..BELIEVE in yourself, and surround yourself with positive thinkers that have can-do attitudes. You will need these friends and family members when you are having down days, and need to be uplifted.

For wholesale inquiries email: lovemeapparel@live.com

4 thoughts on “Drumroll please…

  1. congrats on taking the leap!! i love that we are living in a time, right now, where all these people are stepping outside of the strictly defined “norm” ways of making a living, and finding their joy. The clothes look great, and I bet you love making them. yay for you!

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