5 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas



Personalized cake topper from Etsy

This Spring one of the Mrs.’ very good girlfriends is getting married to one of my husband’s best friend’s. Taking inspiration from Mrs. Irvin’s earlier bridal post this past Monday, I am following her theme with some ideas for very unique wedding presents.

Most couples have a registry where they have listed items they would like for their new home/life together. However, why not get them one thing they requested and then another special present that will be unique to just the two of them?

Below are a few gift ideas I thought could be perfect for the different types of Mr. & Mrs. Let me know which is your favorite!

1. FOR: the Romantics. Personalized tree swing from Red Envelope.I think this is really sweet and thoughtful. In future years, the couple may swing their children on it.  Obviously, it would only work if you have 1) a tree and 2) a house. If your living in New York city…it probably is a no go.


2. FOR: the Cooks. I received one of these pans from my sweet sister & law at a bridal shower. When your going to a potluck or party, its hard to locate your pan afterwards…unless its been personalized  🙂 It can be purchased at this fun site.


3. FOR: the wine lovers. Most people like wine… So this find was extra special. The buyer gets to choose the box, wine, the message on the box, as well as a note on the inside of the lid. I like that each step is personalized for the couple. You could even put: 1 year Anniversary, 1st House, and 1st child.classic-trio4. FOR: the happy couple. Personalized art with names, and city skyline (of choice) where the couple reside. Found this on Etsy! (LOVE that site)


5. FOR: the coffee lovers. Last find: A monthly coffee subscription! There are monthly wine, as well as spice and beauty subscriptions….Why not coffee? This would be fun for the couple, in the early morning hours before heading off to work.DSC_0003

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