DIY Chevron Rug

We have been doing renovations on our house and put in dark bamboo flooring. Its beautiful, but it does show dirt, and with all the coming and going of plumbers, electricians, my husband and me covered in sawdust, I needed a rug by the back door to catch dirt, so I picked up a simple one for $20. Instead of getting rid of it I decided to try painting it and am thrilled with the results. I got a custom rug for about $35, including the rug, paint, tape, and a foam brush. I went with this variation of a chevron print, in white and gray, but you can do any design and colors you want.

Start with any old rug. Mine had a rubber backing on the bottom, but if not I would have put cardboard or something underneath it so that no paint seeped through.


Use painter’s tape to mark off your pattern.

Use a foam brush to apply paint. I used primer because it was cheaper ($8 a gallon). Don’t be afraid to lay it on thick, because the rug fibers soak up a lot of the paint.

Peel off paint and spray with Scotchguard.

Just a word of advice, if you have nosy pets like I do…I thought the paint would dry overnight, but that assumption led to white puppy prints down the hall…

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