New Year, New Attitude, New Challenges!

2013Its 2013.  There are many of you out there who have made resolutions, that will most likely be broken personal challenges to yourself. After a couple of weeks they will become more of a nuisance, and a way of adding more stress into your life. After thinking about 2012, I decided that instead of  resolving to change something I don’t like about myself, it might be more beneficial to focus on the things that I do like and see if I can change my life/schedule to accommodate the investment in where I find enjoyment. Between working full time, running the ins/outs of our living quarters (cooking, cleaning, ironing-which I do not enjoy, etc.), trying to spend more time with family/friends, & starting my own business, I am starting off this year feeling completely exhausted. 

Sitting back, I tried to come up with 12 things (one for each month) that could be fun, relaxing, beneficial to personal growth, or just a new experience. I think it is essential in recognizing whatever it is that infuses each of us so we feel revived, rested, and progressive in our day to day life.

Here is what I came up with (in no particular order):

1. Enroll in a photography class. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, and starting January 19 I will be taking a basic digital photography dSLR class at a local community college.intro

2. Take more baths. I love how I feel in and after these long soaks and yet they never happen. In 2012 I probably took 2. Being a busy bee, I try never to be idle and yet I don’t stop…ever. This would be a nice time to just reflect and relax. Here is a picture of just a few bath products that have been in my “bath drawer” &  will be used THIS year.


3. Enter a recipe into the State Fair of Texas cooking contest. I love to cook and try new things. This would be fun even if I win first or second place. I will definitely update you readers when the time comes and share my recipe regardless of a big win or loss!

State Fair ferris wheel, taken by yours truly

State Fair ferris wheel, taken by yours truly

4. Get more organized. I am one of those women that has containers or cupboards for “items” to “hide”, but that is as good as its been. Its time to crack down and make an inventory of what is really needed and what can be thrown or donated!


obviously NOT my house, but I thought an extreme picture was needed:)

5. Read at least 6 NEW books.

6. Use the local library as a resource to check out books and movies. Library cards are FREE. Most public libraries carry new movies, as well as movies on travel, excercise and films for the kids. They have fun exciting programs during the summer for your little ones (at no cost), and there are book clubs that you can enroll in.

7. Take a vacation to a different country. This year I am hoping for Italy- fingers crossed!


8.  Buy a Groupon for a “stay”/mini vacation somewhere in my own state. Must be somewhere I’ve never visited/stayed!


9. Go to a concert for one of my favorite bands. (I would love to see Mumford & Sons)  I’ve never been to a concert before (besides symphonies), EVER.


10. Get on facebook less. This is a hard one, because I get on for work, and also to promote this blog. However, facebook is such a huge time waster for me, & I am never happy with the wasted time when I finally “sign out”

11. Try to run a half marathon. Again. I was unable to do so this past December, due to a knee injury. The Dr. said if I try again, I should double the amount of training time, so as to give my body more time to get adjusted.

12.  Lastly, I would like to do something nice for someone else, anonymously.  I think I found it here, with Sew a Smile. What it is: You sew, knit, crochet etc. a blanket or a doll for a child in the hospital and it is then distributed by the hospital staff. My husband and I sponsor a child in a third world country, however, the child knows who we are (as we write letters back and forth). This Sew a Smile, would be perfect for around Christmas time and a great way to bless someone else:) with something that comes naturally to me (sewing)!

I am interested in what challenges or goals you have for this new year. Let me know!

8 thoughts on “New Year, New Attitude, New Challenges!

  1. Good luck with your new business. I’m sure you have an exercise program; that will help reduce stress. However, I think your list is wonderful, from taking long, warm, soaking baths to travel to Italy, my favorite country on earth. It’s a bit strange to like such a dysfunctional country, but it has so much beauty and so much history — and veggies and fruits that taste real! I stayed often at the Alimandi Pensione at the foot of the stairs to the Sistine Chapel in Rome, back to when it cost $3 a night (about 1/70 of its current cost). I had a great Holiday walking guide and spent many days wandering happily around the hotel neighborhood, where the Alimandi family has lived for 300 years. Let us know what you decide to enter in the cooking contest. I have enjoyed every recipe I picked up on Mrs. and Misc.
    You asked what we are challenging ourselves to do this year. I say “Run a marathon,” but that is intended to be metaphorical, not literal. I’ve been doing rehab on an injured right leg tor 4 yeas; we’re in the “marathon” stage now. So cheer me on!

    • Thank you, I appreciate your good wishes. At the moment I do not have an exercise program..but starting this upcoming Sunday I am going to start running again. Italy is one of my favorites as well. Its been a long time since I went last, but really look forward to visiting new cities and making new memories. I love that you had such a great time staying at the Pensione Alimandi and hope that you go back sometime in the near future! Cheering for your’ll get just takes time/physical therapy:)

  2. Susanna, I especially am excited about the state fair recipe! I hope I can sample said recipe. Also, i have a library card and want to use it more too. thanks for reminding me. I heard you can check out KINDLE books too! So excited about that. I’d like to read a book a month this year. I know that’s insane for me who is obsessed with TV, but I tend to read 3-4 books in the summer only for some reason and don’t read much the rest of the year. However, when I count up my year total for 2012, I read all three hunger games books in February, I read three books this summer, and half of another book. Pretty decent. I love love love your post. XO

    • Lindsay, I am too- in regards to excitement and the state fair. I made friends with a lady this past year who is a judge at the State Fair for pies..and she inspired me to try for it…not a pie…its TOP SECRET until I debut at the fair! You will be surprised at how modern libraries are now. Alot of libraries have had “makeovers” and the last one I went to a couple of weeks ago, was so nice, and I ended up checking out 2 dvds and like 3 books. They sell magazines as well, for like 25 cents and most of them are just one month old.

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