New Year’s Eve: My Resolution for 2013


So today I’m posting my New Year’s Resolution.

It is…

…to stop trying to please everyone and just live my life how I want to.

Do you ever feel stressed out because you are worried that someone is going to be offended or hurt or angry or not 100% happy about something you can’t really help but try to fix it or change anyway… There are no examples I want to share but I imagine you know what I’m talking about.

I am me.
This IS the life that I WANT.
The career I want.
The lifestyle I want.
The marriage and man that I want.
The house I want.
The spending habits I want.
The personality I have – and want to keep.
The body image I want.

Are improvements needed, yes, but overall I am a happy, HAPPY camper and I wouldn’t change much at all.

I’d rather keep the extra 10-15 lbs on my body than live a life like some who dwell day and night on theirs bodies and their appearance. It seems exhausting. But you know what, that is the life THEY want. And do I judge or think less of them, absolutely NOT.

They are more than likely very happy too, just choosing to focus on different things than I choose to. Doesn’t make one of us better than the other.

I resolve to remember that no matter what other people do or say, my happiness is subjective to me. If someone else thinks I am too fat or too loud or too talkative or too financially irresponsible or too whatever … and thus think I must be unhappy because of it …. I have absolutely NOTHING to explain to or fix for them … That is their opinion.

My happiness is real if it is real to me – not them.

I am SO SICK OF certain people projecting their lives onto mine. Go live yours, I’m happy for you and love you. Love me back. Be happy for me too. Be apart of my life as much or as little as you genuinely want to.

Don’t waste my time being fake or trying to fix me – I’VE GOT ME COVERED. But thank you.

Focus on your financial status, your marriage, your career …

Resolving to worry less about other peoples’ thoughts, opinions and such about me leaves me open to work on the things I want to improve for me to feel better about me (you following?) – as opposed to working on things so some friend or loved one thinks better of me.

I resolve to stand by ME. Stand by my choices. Stand by my imperfections. Stand by my man. Stand by my life. And to respect the choices and lives of those around me. No more projecting my life onto my friends or loved ones either. What makes them happy might not work for me – and vice versa. Doesn’t mean we need to fix each other. Just love each other for who we all are and stay true to ourselves.

So… That is my resolution. 🙂

What is yours?!


7 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve: My Resolution for 2013

  1. Thank you for your honesty. We are here on earth to be ourselves. We are each created to be individual from every other person. Not to be who others want us to be. Alot of times these unhappy people and their (wishes for us/ projections) are projections of their insecurities and what they “think” would make a “perfect” life. But the thing is…nothing is ever perfect.

  2. Hi Lindsay! I just wanted to say hello and that I hope you’re doing well! I deleted Facebook a while back (which has been a HUGE relief to be honest!) and I’ve been off Twitter for weeks (also a bit of a relief) but I’ve been keeping up with this blog. I think you and your friends have created a WONDERFUL thing here! Anyway, I hope 2013 is everything you want it to be! Take care!

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