Christmas Eve: The Stockings are Hung…with Nifty Gift Ideas from Pinterest!


—Michael, our pup Colby and my stockings are hung by the chimney with care.—

I’m posting this super early today so that you still have time to head over to your nearest shopping Mecca to finish checking people off your list.

If you’re like me, you can’t do Christmas without stockings. Stockings must be stuffed. It’s just not Christmas in my mind without them.

I guess why I love them is because the little things are often the most thoughtful. I always stumble upon little things that apply to my sisters – like something funny or something symbolic – and cant wait for them to find it in their stocking and laugh or go “awwwwwww!”

Fortunately, my family is game to continue this tradition each year and we are still stuffing them as I type. We are heading out for some last minute gifts and stuffers.

Just for fun and to inspire you, I’ll share some cute stuffer ideas with you now – maybe you still need something for someone and these will help you:

1. A golf bag survival kit for men. This isn’t an idea from Pinterest, it’s my own. My dad and husband are big golfers but since everything they want for golf is kind of expensive (just a little sleeve of their proV1x golf balls is $12), I decided to create a little grab bag of things every golfer should keep in their bag: a mini sunscreen, travel tissues, their fav candy bar, cashews, Fiber 1 bars, and a mini sharpie for marking their golf balls.
—No picture because I didn’t wrap it cute.—

2. Essie nail polishes (my fav polish brand!) in a shade that matches each girls’ personality. See this super cute Pinterest example: “For your mistleTOES” – love it!


3. DIY coasters. Super cheap and super easy. Dollar Store gift idea perfect for a stocking! You just need to be kind of artistic so the coaster design is cute – or buy a cheap stencil from Hobby Lobby. I’m going to do this next year for the newlyweds in my life.


Instructions here:

4. Homemade infused vodka. Another super fun idea, especially if you want to knock several people out in bulk. And who doesn’t love booze!?
Recipe here:

5. Homemade treats in a mason jar. Here’s where you don’t have to be good at decorating treats or presentation. The mason jar lets you throw it in the jar for a “rustic” look. Again, an easy affordable stuffer you can do in bulk for multiple people for CHEAP!


Merry Christmas Eve (and happy last minute Xmas shopping)!

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