DIY Themed Mini Christmas Trees (This One’s for My Husband!)

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For this, “The Joyful Edition” of Collectively Creative, I wanted to share a super fun idea that is bringing me (and my husband) joy this Christmas. I surprised my hubby with his very own themed, mini Christmas tree this year.

hunting tree

He was in the living room helping my parents decorate our Christmas tree while I ran around giving orders and sneaking off to the kitchen to create something special just for him … a mini hunting and fishing themed Christmas tree – complete with shotgun shell christmas lights and a camouflage Santa topper! I put his tree in the kitchen so he’d see it all the time (not remembering that he’s not in there much! haha).

Since his and my big/main Christmas tree is trimmed with super special, meaningful ornaments (see it, and read my post about our traditional, meaningful-ornament tree here), I thought it could be cute to use these Michael-specific trinkets on a tree just for him. I love it and it def. brings me joy. I figure this is a great idea for other families, wives, people to do for their loved ones or themselves. Fellow Mrs. – Jennifer, aka JRO aka Mrs. Robertson aka Presley’s Mom – did a themed tree for her baby boy… but I’ll let her tell you all about that! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “DIY Themed Mini Christmas Trees (This One’s for My Husband!)

    • My dad got those as a stocking stuffer for Michael a couple years ago or last year – can’t remember – and when I took them out this year they inspired my idea to make him a mini tree all his own!

  1. If I had the space, I would have a Christmas tree for my office: with fashion inspired ornaments (paper chains made from Vogue magazine) and button garlands! Great ideas:)

    • Hehe, I didn’t come from a family of hunters but I def. married one hehe! I now embrace it and am grateful to my dad for finding and buying those lights for michael last year for xmas. They were perfect for my themed tree!

  2. That is so cute! When my boys are a little older, I want to get them their own mini trees to decorate. It would be so cute to let them pick out the theme and then have them help me shop for the ornaments. Thanks for the idea!

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