Be Original With This DIY Candy Buffet

I have seen lot’s of different versions of  a DIY Candy Buffet on Pinterest in the past. It’s one of those projects I have wanted to do for a while. This weekend I had to make a trip to The Dollar Tree for other things and I saw some glass candle sticks. With the holidays and also Presley’s birthday coming up in February, I thought I might as well get these NOW! So I bought 6 candle holders and 6 different glass jars for the top. I only spent $12.00 plus tax TOTAL!

What I love most is that you can change the candy out for any occasion. You can do colors that coordinate with the theme of your event.

I always see the big candy jars at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s but even half off they are still $20 or more a piece. I also didn’t want huge glass jars. I wanted some more “kid” friendly.

I loved picking out unique glass jars. I choose one that had a lid, and all different sizes and shapes. You can literally do whatever you want and regardless they all cost $1. How can you beat that?!

So here is what I used:

6 candle holders

6 glass jars (a variety not matching)

gorilla glue

It was SO easy to do and it took about 5 minutes total. I just used a paper plate, put the glue on it and went to town.


It’s seriously this easy. It takes about 30-40 minutes for the Gorilla glue to dry. After that put your candy in and enjoy!


And here is the final product!


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