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While it doesn’t quite feel like December in Dallas (because of record breaking 80 degree temperatures), Christmastime is just a few weeks away. Once the Christmas lights are out, alot of us will receive invitations to ugly sweater Christmas socials, New Years get togethers, or just dinner parties at a friends home.

Growing up as a Southern gal I was taught to always bring a hostess gift, and personally, I think homemade gifts are the best. So this year I wanted to be crafty & design something that was unique (other than a bottle of wine) and could be used in the kitchen. Here is what I came up with:

Ribbon Trim Christmas tree towel

Ribbon Trim Christmas tree  hand towel

Supplies Needed:



  • towel
  • swarovski hotfix Crystals (you can use any type, those are just my favorite)
  • Hotfix applicator wand
  • ric rac trim (I used red)
  • white pom pom trim
  • brown petersham ribbon (1″ width)
  • 3 different types of ribbon (5/8″ width)

First step: Sew white pom pom trim on inside of kitchen towel at edge.

Stitching pom pom trim to wrong side of hand towel

Stitching pom pom trim to wrong side of hand towel (wrong side is the opposite side of  side that is viewed)

View from right side

View from right side

Sew ric rac about 1″ above pom pom trim on right side.


Ric Rac

Take the brown petersham ribbon and cut so that you have 1 1/2″. Turn the ends underneath each other (to prevent unraveling) and pin to place where you want on the towel. I would suggest lower than you think so you can have a fuller Christmas tree. Stitch onto towel.

Trunk of tree stitched onto towel

Trunk of tree stitched onto towel

Then, cut a triangle (this is the size your Christmas tree will be)  and trace lightly around the triangle pattern with a pencil.

triangle (cut from regular printing paper). Trace lightly with pencil

triangle (cut from regular printing paper). Trace lightly with pencil

Then, grab your ribbon (you should have 3 color options already), and cut each so that you have several “strips” of 2  3/4″ in length each. You will then stitch rows of the ribbon (trust me, rows are better than stitching each individual  strip), making sure that you are staying within the traced triangle shape. You will have to angle the outside ribbons so that it stays within the confines of your tree.


For the top of your tree you will turn one strip so that it covers the top row of stitching.


Lastly, place your swarovski crystals in however which way you want them to be permanently fixed, and taking your hotfix wand, apply gentle pressure to tops of crystals until adhered.

hotfix wand at work

hotfix wand at work


Ribbon Trim Christmas tree towel

Ribbon Trim Christmas tree towel

So reader, other than a bottle of wine, what do you typically take as a hostess gift?

11 thoughts on “Featuring: Kitchen Creative

  1. I love this! So cute and creative! My sewing skills are not so hot, so I generally bring edible hostess gifts. I’m actually doing a post for tomorrow on the hospitality of hostess gifts — tips, do’s/dont’s, etc. Would you mind if I use your towel image and link to this post as an example of a non-edible hostess gift you can give?

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