A Wrapping Station To Fit Any Space!

If you read this blog much, you know that Shane (my husband) call’s me a DIY Factory because of my constant projects. With the Holidays and all the present wrapping that’s going on in my life I needed a WRAPPING STATION! I have a room upstairs that I have converted into my craft room but really since we moved in, it’s been the junk room. Thanks to my favorite store Hobby Lobby, I have a fun collection of wrapping paper 🙂

I headed off to Lowe’s with P and got the most functional “closet” organizer and turned it into a wrapping station! For only $34.99 I was able to organize all of my wrapping stuff and it’s all in one place! This organizer is in the closet section at Lowes. It took me FOREVER to find it when I went. I’m VERY excited about it and it’s so cute which doesn’t hurt. It hangs on the inside of the door so you don’t see it unless you’re in the craft room 🙂 If you have millions of birthdays and holidays with lot’s of gifts like we do, this is a PERFECT solution! So so easy to do too…I did it during P’s nap. Here’s the finished product!!!!

It hangs perfectly over my door. I actually like the way it looks too! It’s so organized now.


At the very top is a basket full of bows. Next is 3 row’s of ribbon and then a basket with 3 plastic glasses from Walmart .88cents a piece! I actually have 4 glasses but I’m currently using one wrapping presents downstairs haha 😉
I put the following items in them.
glue sticks
Notice the santa wrapping paper in the front? My VERY favorite! The hats have leopard print trim on them which I think is PRESHY! You can’t beat $7.99 and then 50% off making it $4! Also the wrapping paper at Hob Lob is the best. It doesn’t tear with scissors and it’s easy to cut. Plus, it has lines inside so you can be sure to cut straight!
You can never have too much ribbon…
I like using clear cups because you can store more and change out things any time.
I’m not good at wrapping presents but this little “wrapping station” sure make’s it easier and a little more fun! 🙂

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