UPDATE: My DIY Outdoor Pallet Table (The Finished Product)

Remember my first blog post? Well, if not, click the link and check out the nearly-complete diy pallet table I made this summer. Gorgeous raw, but I wanted more. And while it took me long enough, I finally stained and decorated my large coffee table ā€“ this is the final product.
I just had to share. Isn’t it gorgie?!?! I’m so in love. I want to make more of them I’m so in love. It was fun, while challenging, but I’m ready to make them for anyone who wants one of their own!
SO… what do you think?! I’m dying to know!

Stained and ready for fall entertaining!

Ready for its closeup! Look at that gorgeous red cedar stain … I’m in LOVE!

Want one (probably want to be in Texas or Arkansas for this)? You can order one via my Craigslist listing or comment below!

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: My DIY Outdoor Pallet Table (The Finished Product)

  1. Kenley, thanks for saying so! I’m so excited about it. And I’d love to make you one! Just let me know. I’m always driving down to Dallas to see our friends and family, so we could always meet there with it. Good luck landscaping … that’ll be so much fun!

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