Looking Forward to Thanksgiving & Starting to Decorate


I’m just so excited to start decorating for the holidays – mainly Christmas – that I decided to blog a little something extra this weekend.
This weekend I’m going to knock out some Christmas shopping and my Thanksgiving grocery shopping (its going to be a mad house I’m sure) and other household things like laundry (boo!) and hopefully maybe I’ll find some home decor stuff to help make our house look more lived in (it’s almost been a year and I’m just beginning to start wanting to decorate).
It should be a productive weekend with Michael duck hunting (it’s opening weekend).
So far, this is what I’ve accomplished. What do you think!? This is my mantle, dining room and main living room coffee table decorated … I don’t know if you are supposed to decorate all the rooms when doing holiday decor or if it is okay to do just a few rooms. But I’m low on harvest decor so this will have to do. Going to get a big box of tea candles and a bunch of pumpkin spice candles to get the house smelling delicious before my parents arrive Wednesday night.



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