Nature Parks Come With Perks

I recently discovered two nature parks here in the Tulsa area. I had no idea how much I had been missing until I found them. Nature parks are in every state. Whether you are in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Dallas or any other state for that matter, there are parks!
This was taken on my way into Oxley Nature Center.
Presley went to his first Natural Babies class and it’s for kids ages 1-5. This class is $2 a person or you can buy a year membership for only $15! We went ahead and got the membership because we will be going to more of the fun activities. Your donation here helps with not only the Nature Center but also all of the wonderful volunteers soΒ it’s worth it. I had no idea we had such a gorgeous nature center so close to home. It’s literally next to The Tulsa Zoo.At the class we went to the instructor talked about Animal Homes. Presley got to pick a few out and bring them to me to “show me”. It was so sticking’ cute! Even though he’s 20 months, I know he enjoyed it and he definitely loved when the teacher started reading her book.
Presley being SO big πŸ™‚
Learning about animal homes!
Coloring a picture for momma
Our first trip to the Nature Center was FUN!
Parks are a fun place that kid’s can run wild and get “down and dirty” playing on the trails and in the leaves. My main point of this post is to let you know that there are parks around you and they most likely offer fun activities that are free or cost very little. Try googling Parks in your town and see what you’ve been missing too! Be sure to comment and let me know what you find!!

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