Mrs. Meetup: Highlights from Our Girls Weekend in Dallas

This past weekend, Mrs. Robertson and I packed (way too much) and drove to Dallas for a girls-only weekend. She drove in from Tulsa, I ventured down from Little Rock, and we met Mrs. Christensen who didn’t have to drive because she lives there.

Mrs. Fincher, while scheduled to join us from Los Angeles, missed her flight back from Thailand (she’s been there for the past two weeks) and didn’t get into DFW until late Saturday (too jet-lagged to join in the fun). Fortunately, our non-Mrs. girlfriends Stephanie, Andrea and Kendall joined us on-and-off throughout the weekend for dining, drinking, shopping, gossiping and more. All harmless, of course 🙂 Well, it could be argued that harm was done to our debit cards (am I right Jennifer?! hehe)!

I just had the best time with my best friends … I even got to see Kristin early Sunday morning for an hour (it’s best to bring the jet-lagged person a latte when you come see them after a 24-hour flight)!

So, anyway, I love my girls, loved this weekend, loved the amazing townhouse Jennifer’s in-laws’ own (thank you Mr. & Mrs. Robertson!!!) where we stayed (my rule was no staying with my hometown family this weekend – it was vacay!) and just wanted to share some pictures from our fabulous time – maybe it’ll inspire you to get with your girls and just get away together. I know I want to do another one again very soon.


From left: Susanna (Mrs. Christensen), Jennifer (Mrs. Robertson), me (Mrs. Irvin), Stephanie and Kendall /// At a bar that was much more suited for single people: Scruffy Duffies, West Plano, Texas

Jennifer and me outside of H&M (where we spent a lot of time and just the right amount of money hehe) at the Galleria, Dallas, Texas

I love this woman. Y’all don’t even understand. (We are totally rocking our bubble necklaces!)

My best friend since 9th or 10th grade! It’s been so long now I’m forgetting the exact start date, but whatever day it was, it was a good one! (We are totally rocking these stripped blouses!)

My souvenirs from girls weekend.

5 thoughts on “Mrs. Meetup: Highlights from Our Girls Weekend in Dallas

  1. Not only do all of you look awesome, you look as if you are having fun. I’m in a Bridge Group that never plays bridge any more. We just eat out, chat, and occasionally do something fun like you are doing. And we’ve been friends for more than 40 years!!!! It’s a great way to live life!

    • Thanks for sharing Rusha! Kristin, Sue and I have been friends for more than 10 years … close to 13 now I think. And Sue and Kristin have been friends even longer than that. I got to live with both of those girls in college – with sue freshman year and then after transferring colleges, with kristin two and half years! Best friends made for best roommates … and now my other best friends Stephanie, Kendall and Jennifer are as close to me and as awesome! There is nothing better than a good old-fashioned girls weekend to do the soul good!

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