Chihuly and the Garden

Q: What or who is Chihuly?

Answer: Well you can find out by visiting the Dallas Arboretum this Fall.

An added bonus this year are the art installations that have been cleverly placed about the garden by artist Dale Chihuly. Inspired by glasshouses, Chihuly has designed this 12th exhibition  specifically for a botanical setting. The “Chihuly” as it has aptly been coined, is also available to view during the evening in which the sculptures are lit so as to see from a different perspective.

I visited this past Saturday and found it refreshing to enjoy this man’s creative “imaginative forms”, while walking through the natural beauty of the Arboretum.

Suggestion: Take a date, your children, or a friend and plan on spending the day there. The garden offers several food options, however, I think it to be a perfect place for a picnic in a beautifully relaxing setting! Be honest, how many picnics have you had this past year? (For most of you, probably 1 or none)

Here are a few pictures to tempt you in visiting (it ends on December 31,2012)

12 thoughts on “Chihuly and the Garden

    • Me too. I was not familiar with his work other than that in Las Vegas, until now. The pumpkin houses were really neat for children (and adults) because you could walk through & also admire all that went into designing the living creation. I would’nt mind having a smaller version in my back yard!

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