Random Mommy Moments

I think it will be fun to have a “Random Mommy Moments” post once a month. It will be about random things I love and find useful and fun in the mommy world. If you don’t have kids, feel free to pass this along to your “mommy friends” or save it for future use 🙂

I recently joined Early Moments because Presley is really starting to enjoy books. It’s a monthly membership that only costs $10 and you get 2-3 new Dr. Seuss Books each month!  When you first sign up you get all kinds of extra goodies. Here is everything we received in the first shipment that just came for Presley!

It also came with a fun little backpack for FREE!

It was $14 for ALL of this! After the first month it goes back down to $10 a month. You can cancel at any time and I am super impressed so far. You can’t find a better deal on Dr. Seuss books anywhere! They also offer other packages that are geared towards Disney Characters, Baby Einstein and the list goes on. I would definitely check them out if I were you. It would make the perfect Christmas gift too!

Speaking of Christmas, does anyone else start celebrating Christmas now???? Don’t get me wrong I love Thanksgiving and we definitely give thanks in our home. I just can’t wait to decorate for Christmas though. We are breaking the tree out on Wednesday and I CAN’T WAIT!

Speaking of Christmas, I saw the most ADORABLE website today called  Capture The Magic. Be sure to click on it because it will probably be one of the cutest Christmas activities you will do this year! You upload a picture of your living room, choose the santa you want and then it places the santa in your living room. It’s FREE to try, then it’s just $9.95 for 3 pictures. You can also do the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny etc…

Afterwards you can print the picture to show your kiddo’s proof of Santa’s visit! Like the website says, “Seeing is Believing” right?!

Last but not least, here is a super cute FREE Printable! You can also download it straight from HERE.

5 thoughts on “Random Mommy Moments

  1. I established a rule in our house that there is no talk about Christmas until after the turkey is done. I think it’s its own holiday that deserves some thought! But to each their own. If my boyfriend has it his way, we’d have choral carols for months.

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