Iritis: Have You Had it? Any Advice for Me?

Disclaimer: this is not going to be my typical blog post (if you can’t tell). Sorry. But it’s what I’m dealing with in my life and nothing seems to matter besides getting rid of this right now.

I have Iritis.

I’ve had it for almost two weeks now and am heading into the doctor’s office in a few minutes to see if it’s finally getting better (wish me luck; say a prayer). This will be my fourth eye dr. visit in less than two weeks; I’m also on my third strength of steroid drops.

The symptoms fade and then flare. It’s so confusing. And it’s serious too – and potentially tied to an autoimmune disorder.

I am posting this because I’d love, love love your advice if you’ve ever had iritis before or if you know someone who has had it. What did they experience? How long did it take for theirs to go away? Did they permanently lose some vision — cause my affected eye is blurry and I can’t see as good as normal so that’s freaking me out too.

Any words of comfort, advice or personal stories are welcome. Please share. And please cross your fingers for me.

PS: this is an internal disorder, not an infection. It has no relation or anything to do with my former use of (and amazing results from) Latisse (haven’t used it in a few months now anyway).

2 thoughts on “Iritis: Have You Had it? Any Advice for Me?

  1. I get it occasionally. Mine’s related to the poor air quality in my workplace. It magically goes away every time I’m on vacation or have a long weekend.

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