Happy Halloween! and you forgot it was today?

Today is Halloween.

Some of us celebrate and others forego….however, who doesn’t like the excuse to be someone else for an evening (or maybe even a day?) About 25% of hard working Americans work for a company that supports  “playing dress up” for the day aka “team building/prize for best costume” or we have kids who will be trick or treating in the neighborhood. However, for the other 75% of us, we don’t have the luxurious excuse to reveal our creative side via costume, and are happy when we got invited to that Halloween party! Personally, I really appreciate & enjoy the really thought out costumes and here are a few of the unique ones I found (for adults & children):

dia de los muertos-  www.photographyserved.com

Spider Web Mommy & Stocking Spider Baby from Martha Stewart

Creepy Crawlers

The Beekeeper

John Deere & farmer

Honest Abe

Where’s Waldo?


Tooth & Tooth Fairy


Barbie and Ken

Obama- Hope


Sesame Street

What is your costume this Halloween?

Email me at: themrsandthemisc@live.com, and I’ll add it to this post if its something I’ve never seen!

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! and you forgot it was today?

  1. Awww spider web mommy is so cute (and I really don’t like spiders haha)!! If I saw someone with the creepy crawlers, though, I think I would start hitting those bugs. Seriously.

  2. The last one kills me. We didn’t have any trick-or-treaters this year. I was disappointed to not see any cute wee ones in costumes. But it means more candy for me!

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