My Pinterest Bucket List: 10 DIY Projects to do Before I Die

God bless Pinterest. Seriously, thanks to the crafty little site, I now have a growing to-do list of DIY projects that I can actually DO. MYSELF.
Remember, I’m the Mrs. who isn’t crafty nor wants to be. But I also don’t want my house to look like crap and can’t afford a fancy decorator just yet. Thus, when I see a cool diy idea on Pinterest that looks doable (per my skill level – or lack thereof), I hastily re-pin and anxiously await the free time to do it.
Today, as yet another cool idea came across my computer screen, I decided I have to stop promising myself, “I’m going to try that!” and then never do it. To help keep me on task, I’ve assembled this “bucket list” curated from my Pinterest page. Here we go…

1) Make some “art” myself (because our walls are still bare).
I think I can pull a few of these off, even with my lack of artistic talent.


3) Reupholster chairs.
I have six dining room table chairs that I’d eventually like to get around to reupholstering. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the table or the chairs, they’re really pretty, but they have waterproof fabric on them because they used to be at our relative’s lake house  So, one of these days, I’ll get up the nerve to choose a fabric and change it out with something more formal for our formal dining room.

4) Turn my backdoor entryway into a mud room.
We have the perfect space for a mud room right off of our carport. I’m thinking I can build the cubbies on the bottom and buy the top portion somewhere. The hard part will be stripping the pheasant/Asian wallpaper and painting the space a fun color.


5) Plant and grow veggies in my greenhouse.
We actually have a working greenhouse tucked serenely away in our backyard. It’s precious, and I SO want to grow in it. I just don’t know how. I plan to figure it out and start growing tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, herbs and more! So excited.

Maybe I’ll be as chic of a gardener in my greenhouse as she is?

6) Refurbish old lamps.

7) Build an outdoor fire pit.
My favorite thing about our new house is our backyard. I love, love, love spending mornings on the deck with a cup of coffee and playing fetch with Colby – and laying out in the summer. Obviously, the first picture is a bit ambitious for me to try, haha, but the second one is a doable fire pit that will suffice until we decide to pay someone to create a custom one like in the first picture.

8) Create a gallery wall (using maps and photography from places we’ve been).
Michael and I have been traveled to a lot of amazing places already in our young lives, and I think it’d be fun to feature maps that are unique, frame-worthy from the cities most special to us.

9) Make my own decorative pieces for less.
I really want to make these for different spots in the house. They look super easy but add ambiance and fill space – and I have a lot of space to fill! I love the framed vintage designer scarf idea. I think it’d be pretty for a guest bedroom or one in a dressing/vanity area.

10) Decorate a nursery (like this one).
I am not sure how I’ll feel once I actually have a baby, but I love the look of this nursery. I think it’s classy and chic. Simple. I guess if I have a boy, that will change my inspiration entirely, but for now, I like this.

Tell me, how long should I give myself to complete these projects? Bucket list implies between now and death, and while it does take me a while to carve out time for DIY projects, I think my eventual demise is a little too big a window.

9 thoughts on “My Pinterest Bucket List: 10 DIY Projects to do Before I Die

  1. I think white as a nursery color is a, how shall I put it, ambitious goal? Pretty for sure! But after having a white counter top that seems to soak up anything colored that touches it (seriously, boyfriend needs to learn how to pour wine without dripping!), I couldn’t imagine a white nursery! It would drive me nuts!

  2. That nursery is gorgeous!

    As far as how much time to give yourself…that depends on how much time and money you have leftover once other obligations are gotten out of the way. I tend to dive into things that I get really excited about. So, for me, most of these would be done by the end of the year. =P (Save for the baby…. Not jumping into that one. O_O)

    Lovey post!

  3. I reckon you could keep the Asian Pheasant wall paper on the walls in the mud-room and fix shelves etc to it without ripping the paper off, unless of course it is hideous! Already ahead of you on the maps/photos on the wall, now if only my wife wasn’t an accountant then I could turn the whole house into an art gallery!

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  5. I love your bucket list but the item that made me perk up was the fact that you actually have a working greenhouse! How cool is that! I would love to see veggie project photos and inspiration from you. I have raised beds that I will be working in for the first time this year, but you have a greenhouse!

    • The pressure is on now! Lol. I am going to plant some stuff really soon for spring and summer – we’ve just had a surprising string of cold weather … Plus I have NO IDEA how to grow anything and need some help from local friends.

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