Sensational Succulents for Christmas Ornaments

We’ve seen it coming these last couple years: Succulents have become mainstream. No longer do they flourish in just terra cotta. They can be decorations, wall hangings,  or even wreaths.

Succulent wall hanging & wreath

Succulent Christmas trees

One idea that really caught my eye however, was the succulent ornaments.

Succulent Ornaments

The ones I came across were made of blown glass globes, and they were on the “pricier” side. So after some thought, I came up with a way to copy the look for less.

The time took to create my look: less than 20 minutes.


one plastic ornament from Michael’s Craft Store: price- $2.99

exacto knife (already owned)

potting soil (already owned)

succulents (I have a succulent garden, so I was able to take a few sproutings from a plant)

gravel (I scooped about 1/8 of a cup from my fish tank) You could also buy gravel at a gardening store.


Take your exacto knife and cut a hole into the side of your plastic ornament. Make sure you do not cut it to low, where your dirt will fall out.

Fill with dirt.

Plant your succulents. Cover root base lightly with dirt. (do not pack)

Cover dirt with your choice gravel.

Your finished personal succulent ornament!

Whether you end up hanging your creation on a Christmas tree, make several and stagger them from a window, or even wrap it up as a unique Christmas present…Be proud of your “green” design!

8 thoughts on “Sensational Succulents for Christmas Ornaments

  1. These are gorgeous! And I’m so impressed with your thrifty alternative for creating these precious ornaments.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. It allowed me the privilege of checking out the amazing projects on your site. Following you now in bloglovin’.


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