In My Suitcase: Las Vegas Inspired Neons & Maxi Skirts

Good morning from sunny Las Vegas, blog friends!
I’m here in Sin City getting my shop, golf and gamble on for a short little vacation. We arrived Saturday to beautiful weather, neon lights, 24-hour fun and shopping paradise. In fact, I’ve already bought my birthday crossbody bag, but you’ll have to wait until I get back to see which one I picked out! Anyway, before we left, I dreamt up my “Vegas Style” on Pinterest and packed my suitcase with these fashion inspirations in mind. I needed comfortable-but-chic looks to make my desert journey a success. Tell me, what you think?




3 thoughts on “In My Suitcase: Las Vegas Inspired Neons & Maxi Skirts

  1. I returned to your Linked In photo after seeing your Vegas wardrobe…I’m still not sure whether you modeled your collection. I like the overall trend in the clothing — loose (which works for a think, elegant woman), flowing (which is feminine) and soft (no hard edges). What attracted me first was the “creative” color combinations; I’ve noticed that in a lot of fashion lately. I think it would be more arresting if each outfit had something to tie the disparate colors together, whether a jaunty flower pinned somewhere on the waist or bodice or a belt. Something like that. What I do NOT like is that on some of the costumes, the hemlines are not even (though they are not meant to be car-wash jagged, that’s how some look) and the waistline doesn’t seem to be at a comfortable level. They look messy, not just ‘comfortable” and “soft.” All in all, you should look relaxed and elegant at once.

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