Meet the Newest Mrs. – Jennifer Robertson

She’s here, she’s here!

We’ve been waiting for the perfect time, and this is finally it: Mrs. Jennifer Robertson is our new Mrs. blogger. Like us, her fellow Mrs., Jen is a fun-loving 20-something with tons of cool ideas to share. More than that, however, she is an energetic mother to sweet baby boy Presley, who’s a hip, little 19-month-old. Together they make quite a pair, and we’re so excited to have her blogging with us.

Jennifer is actually married to my husband’s best friend, Shane, and through our men, Jennifer and I have become very close. If Jennifer had anything to do with it, I’d have a baby already too … just so we could do fun mom things together. Let’s just say, she’s about talked me into it. Haha. She just makes it look SO fun and easy.

I know you’re going to LOVE her. So, without further ado… MEET MRS. ROBERTSON!

Mrs. Robertson – Jennifer is a self-proclaimed (and we think so too) “super mom” to her toddler son Presley. While she is a stay-at-home mom during the day, Jennifer also balances life as a family photographer (Frame It! Photography) and a real estate agent in Tulsa, Okla. Her style is always evolving with the help of Pinterest and her favorite shows on HGTV. And her penchant for decorating and DIY projects has evolved into talent. Her husband Shane often calls her a “DIY Factory” because she is always creating new things for their home. She says she’s about as misc. as you can get (how perfect is that!).

Left: The sweet Robertson family. Right: Me and Mrs. Robertson.

Left: Jennifer, Presley and me on the lake. Right: Michael, Shane, Jen, me and Prez on a recent Irvin trip to Tulsa.

Stay tuned for her VERY FIRST POST coming up in just 2 hours at 11 a.m.! Time to get excited, y’all!

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