Not your typical front door decor

First impressions happen quickly. For example: the clothes you wear, are one of the first things people note when meeting you.

So, what about your house? The front door is typically seen upon arrival or when walking up, so why not welcome your guests in a way that uniquely represents your family and style.

Paint choice, welcoming mat, and fun font for house number all add character. However, still lacking memorable decor.

I believe the most common idea is to dress up your entry with wreaths. However, they are usually dusty (from being stored all year, except for the short 2-3 week season of their debut) and they almost always have a visiting “Charlotte”. The atypical options I discovered online inspired me to share the fun new concepts that can adorn your home’s door:

The “Fall” above, is a festive way of celebrating the changing seasons as well as using it for more than one holiday (think Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Just add embellishments as needed and take off what holiday decor is no longer applicable).

The next image is inexpensive and rustic inspired to welcome in the cooler weather, but you can change the color of ribbon to suit your personal preference. I would even suggest spray painting the pinecones with a metallic paint that you could easily find at your local hardware store.

Pinecones hanging by ribbon,

This could be fun for the door or inside your entryway, where guests will view your heartfelt “welcome“.

LazyCaterpillar on Etsy

Another inspiring idea using something that doesn’t require purchasing anything out of the ordinary, is this monogram-esque look, designed entirely of wine corks and a hot glue gun:

After searching all the fun alternatives to wreaths for this post, I decided it was time to try my hand at being uber-crafty, and below is what I designed for my door and you can easily copy.

Cost: Inexpensive, and less than $5


-1 letter C (or whatever your last name starts with) from Michael’s craft store for $3.99

-1 hot glue gun with glue sticks (already owned)

-1 twig branch in the fall decor section (on sale for 50% off), $.64

-jute (already owned)

-petersham ribbon (already owned)

-fabric remnant (already owned)

Gather all your supplies together

Wrap the letter with jute, securing ends onto back with hot glue.

Trace the white part of the letter onto a remnant of fabric. Cut out, and hot glue to desired area.

Then cut off the colored ball berries on twig/fall decor from Michaels, and hot glue onto top part that does not have fabric remnant. Add petersham ribbon, and Voila! Fun, festive door.

Fun Fall door hanger

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