In My Suitcase: 10 Fashion Must-Haves for a Summer Trip to Denver

If we weren’t already scattered across the country enough as it is (Mrs. Fincher in LA, Mrs. Christensen in Dallas), today’s post is coming to you from Denver. Why? Well, my baby sister is graduating from college. (First, I turn 27 and now my younger sister is graduating college? Feeling old…) Anyway, I’m here in the Mile-High City for an extra-long weekend with my family, as well as to watch my sis receive her diploma. The weather is gorgeous and the big-city amenities are in excess (they have a Solstice, Buffalo Exchange and a Neiman Marcus here).
But, as it turns out, I showed up a little over dressed. My sister, who’s style is an eclectic mix of hipster, urban street-wear and cutesy geek-chic, is rocking a Denver wardrobe that I’m half loving, half loathing. Somehow she, and all her Boulder and Red Rocks concert cohorts, make shredded rocker tees, piercings, ghetto sneakers and torn-up denim shorts look hott. You see?
So, to keep up with my laid-back, hippie sis and her chill Colorado companions, I’ve packed a few key pieces into my fantasy suitcase. Here are my 10 fashion must-haves for a summer trip to Denver … that is, if you want to fit in with the locals. (PS: Bonus points for buying any of the following looks at the thrift store!)
Image Image
1. Hippie fringe.
2. Something (anything) tie-dyed (Bonus points for combining two Denver styles into one, like these tie-dyed, destroyed denim shorts).
3. Leather skinnies with any retro tee of your choosing (Pink Floyd, Metallica or Star Wars preferred).
4. “I didn’t try, but I really did” boyfriend shirt, in a cool, masculine color or pattern like this camo.
5. A cool hat. Try a fedora or slouchy hipster beret.
6. Killer boots and feather earrings.
7. A paisley tunic.
8. Aztec summer scarf. Hippies love a good Native American pattern (and so do I!).
9. Scarf headband.
10. Turquoise jewelry. Enough said.

So there you have it. These are my 10 Denver fashion musts. Do you think I am forgetting anything? I love all of these pieces and the overall style represented in these pins. And while, it’s not really “me,” if I lived in Denver, I’d try and pull it off! Now, what do you think?

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