Marine Knots: Stylish DIY Jewelry & Decor

Last week I went to this exhibit at the California Science Center here in Los Angeles, which features artifacts found in the now submerged city of Alexandria, where Cleopatra’s palace once stood.

One of the artifacts they uncovered was a simple ring made of a gold band tied into a knot. This classic look can be used in anything from jewelry to decorating and isn’t as hard as you’d think.

All you need is two pieces of string (or gold wire or twine as shown above).

Step 1: Fold your string into loops (I used twine and doubled up for a thicker look).

Step 2: Place one loop on top of the other.

Step 3: Take the two top end pieces and weave in an over-under pattern as shown here.

Step 4: Pull tight.

Tying a marine knot around this plain white lamp shade adds style and interest.

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