The Skinny on Sunspots

A friend once mentioned their mom always said, “After 30, a woman only looks the way she deserves”.

What causes sunspots? Apparently, excess exposure to the sun, which means: any sun.  Think about it. You might not hang outside for hours to get that sun-kissed look, but you are in the car several times a day, walking in and out of stores, and indirectly you are being affected. Worst times of day to be beneath its rays: 10am – 3pm. I’ve never been a “sun bathing beauty” though my job requires hours in the car at times and I’ve enjoyed the occasional day on the lake, or random bocce ball game. However, now in my late 20’s, these sinister spots have started appearing all across my cheeks and nose.

Before OBAGI Nu-Derm

In 8th grade, I visited a dermatologist for the first time to deal with common skin issues that most junior high students are faced with. The Dr. said it was never too early to start moisturizing and that a moisturizer needed to include SPF to protect against sun exposure. So upon a (affordable) recommendation, I began to apply daily for the next nine years. Later when viewing  pictures with a friend  I realized my face tone resembled Dita Von Teese and my body a reflection of its Hispanic roots. Wanting all extremities to be evenly colored, I took a sabbatical from skin care. VERY bad idea. Within a few months the sun spots appeared, and I decided after nine years it was time to visit the derm. again.

The product  she suggested: OBAGI Nu-Derm #3 is about $95 and definitely on the expensive side of what I would typically spend (I’m usally a store brand gal or under $20 if trying a “new” product).  For future reference,  I should have checked out possible beauty websites online for a more affordable price, but the dermatologist said it was only available via prescription (which come to find out its not, since yours truly has attached a link “for less”).  

Today will be the first day I apply the topical cream (daily, and always before bed as suggested) and in about 3 months time, I will post an after picture of the results.Wish me luck! If it doesn’t work I’ll be disappointed, and wish I had tried some $20 store brand.

Before. Note spots near eyes and on nose.

Side Note: To make sure I’m giving this product a fair chance, I’ve decided to wear a wide brim hat when outdoors.

2 thoughts on “The Skinny on Sunspots

  1. Ugh I have recently had the same experience….after years of laying out by the pool to get a wonderful sun kissed glow, I’m realizing now that it was not the smartest move! Sunspots have began to occur and my favorite summertime hobby has caught up to me. 😦 I started looking into products and actually settled on something more commercialized, the Olay Total Effects skin care line. I absolutely love it! I use the Olay Definity sleep cream and night and for the day I use the Total Effects 7 In One tone correcting lotion. The Total Effects is great because it contains SPF 15 and has a color tint to it. I’m not a big makeup person so it helps to even out my skintone and add color to my face, especially since I no longer lay out like I used to to get a tan. I’ve been using the line about 4 months and have seen an improvement in my skin and it’s nice to have daily protection. Important note, don’t forget about your neck! Just as vulnerable as your face.

    ….now if only there’s a way to go back in time and tell younger me to not be an idiot and protect my skin!

    • Hey Missy,

      Its pretty crazy…one day my skin is perfect, the next I’ve got spots ALL over my face. It is nice to know there is something more commercialized (and prob. less expensive) that is working for you. I like that it has a color tint in it too, bc that is key to blending the face to your body. I am actually not a big makeup person at all either. I wear not an ounce of foundation or concealer on a day to day basis, the only time it comes out is weddings, major breakouts, or professional family photos!

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