8 Things Guys Want in a Long-Distance Relationship!

Distance can be a real challenge when it comes to relationships. You might find yourself feeling disconnected, insecure, or simply missing your partner’s presence. But fear not! I’m here to share some insights that could bring you closer, even from miles apart.

You see, in my years as a relationship coach, I’ve worked with countless couples navigating the struggles of long-distance. And you know what? Communication, trust, and effort are the key ingredients for making it work. So let’s dive in and explore what guys really want when distance separates them from their partner.

Show You Care in Creative Ways

When you’re not sharing the same physical space, those little gestures of affection can mean the world. Guys appreciate creativity and thoughtfulness, so don’t be afraid to get a bit cheesy!

Think outside the box here. Send a care package filled with his favorite snacks and a heartfelt note. Record a silly video message to make him smile. Or look into virtual experience gifts you can share together, like online cooking classes or virtual tours of cool destinations.

At the end of the day, these gestures show you’re making an effort to keep that spark alive despite the distance. Trust me, he’ll feel loved and appreciated.

Feed His Love Language

We all have different ways of giving and receiving love. For some guys, words of affirmation could be huge. For others, quality time (albeit virtual) might be what truly makes their heart flutter.

Pay close attention to how your guy feels most cherished. If he’s an acts of service kinda guy, offer to help out with something you can do remotely – like research for a work project or vacation planning. If physical touch is his top language, get a little frisky over video chat (you know what I mean!)

By catering to his specific needs, you’re showing you understand what makes him feel loved. And that level of consideration means everything in a long-distance relationship.

Support His Ambitions

Whether he’s climbing the corporate ladder or pursuing a passion project, it’s attractive when a partner takes an active interest in their goals and dreams. This is amplified in long-distance relationships where quality one-on-one time is limited.

Be his personal hype-woman! Send encouraging texts before a big meeting or presentation. Celebrate every win, no matter how small. And don’t forget to ask questions about his progress – it shows you’re fully invested in his journey.

Guys want a partner who motivates them and has their back, especially from afar. By being that cheerleader in his life, you’re creating a bond that transcends physical distance.

Stay (Appropriately) Vulnerable

It might seem counterintuitive, but vulnerability is key for strengthening that emotional intimacy you crave. Long-distance relationships require a certain level of openness about feelings, fears, dreams, and everything in between.

Don’t shy away from those deep conversations about the future or insecurities you’re facing. Sure, he wants you to be that ray of sunshine in his life. But part of being his partner means letting him see the “real” you – flaws and all.

When you share those vulnerable moments with each other, it builds trust on a profound level. And trust is the bedrock for any flourishing long-distance relationship.

Keep Things Spicy

We’d be remiss not to talk about the elephant in the room – physical intimacy. Lack of regular physical connection is one of the biggest struggles long-distance couples face.

But that doesn’t have to be the case for you two! Get flirty over text, leaving little to the imagination. Send each other steamy pictures or videos to keep that spark crackling. And don’t forget the power of racy stories or even phone sex for your virtual romps!

By keeping that fire burning, you’re reminding your partner just how attracted you are to them – no matter how many miles stand between you. Plus, a little novelty never hurt anyone!

Provide Stability and Comfort

On the flip side, guys seek security and comfort from their partner as well. Being a stable presence in his life helps alleviate any worries about your commitment to the relationship.

Establish little routines you can share across the distance. Weekly video call dates, nightly bedtime stories, or even just checking in about your days can provide that reliable touchpoint he craves. Simple, but so meaningful.

Don’t underestimate the power of consistency and dependability. When he knows you’ll be there for him, it cultivates a deep sense of intimacy within the relationship – one unshaken by distance.

Plan Fun Surprises

Now let’s be real – long-distance can get…monotonous at times. Keep that spark alive by injecting spontaneity into your virtual dates and connections!

Reminisce about an amazing experience you shared together by recreating a favorite meal, watching the movie that was playing, or listening to a tied soundtrack. Or throw it back with an epic game night full of silly webcam antics!

You’d be surprised at how much laughter and novelty can recharge your relationship batteries. So embrace your creative side and watch that distance Between. You. Shrink.

Advocate for Your Needs

At the end of the day, healthy long-distance relationships require open and honest communication about your needs, boundaries, and expectations. Don’t bottle things up out of fear that you’re “too much” or will “push him away.”

If you’re feeling insecure, say it! If certain behaviors are bugging you, voice it! And if you’re just straight-up missing him like crazy, let him know. You aren’t asking for too much by advocating for what you need to feel loved and supported.

Guys respect confidence and self-assurance in a partner. By courageously expressing your authentic self, you’re strengthening the foundation for a lasting, fulfilling partnership. Even from miles apart.

So there you have it, folks – my top tips for keeping the flame burning bright in your long-distance relationship! At the end of the day, consistent effort, empathy, and understanding from both partners is what makes the distance feel smaller.

Remember, you’ve got this! The challenges are unique, but the payoff of a deep, intimate connection is immeasurable. Trust your commitment to each other, get creative in cherishing one another, and never lose sight of what brought you together in the first place.

Wishing you all the love and luck as you navigate this journey! You’ve got a cheerleader in me, always.

I'm Sarah Koch, a Relationship Coach based in Austin, Texas. With over 9 years of professional experience and degrees in Sociology and Counseling Psychology from UT Austin, I specialize in helping people build healthy, fulfilling relationships. On this blog, you'll find practical tips and insightful guidance for improving communication, resolving conflicts, increasing intimacy, and fostering deeper connections in your romantic relationships, family dynamics, friendships and more.

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