The Best Ways to Respond on Happy National Freedom Day

Freedom means different things to different people. To some, it’s the ability to speak their mind without fear. To others, it’s being able to pursue their dreams no matter what. And to many, it’s having control over their own lives and futures.

On Happy National Freedom Day on February 1st, we celebrate the signing of the 13th Amendment in 1865 which abolished slavery. It serves as an important reminder of not only how far we’ve come as a nation, but how far we still need to go to achieve full equality and civil liberties for all.

So when someone wishes you a Happy Freedom Day, how do you respond? Here are some of the best, most meaningful ways.

What’s the best way to respond to Happy National Freedom Day?

The best way to respond is “Thanks, and happy freedom day to you too

and if you if you want a longer reply you can use this one too:

Thanks, and happy freedom day to you too. I’m grateful for those who’ve fought for the rights and liberties we have, though more work remains to be done. I hope that someday all people will be truly free and equal.”

Best Responses to Happy National Freedom Day

1. Thanks for the reminder to reflect and give gratitude.

The 13th Amendment was an important milestone, but the fight for equal rights continues today. I’m thankful for the brave men and women, both in past and present, who’ve dedicated their lives to the causes of justice and expanding liberty for all people.

More example responses:

  • “Freedom has been hard-won for so many. I won’t take my rights for granted.”
  • “Let us honor those who came before by carrying on their mission.”
  • “The dream of freedom calls us still to fight against ongoing oppression.”

2. We’ve come a long way, but have further still to go.

It’s amazing to consider the progress made, that my ancestors likely couldn’t have imagined. At the same time, our society isn’t yet totally equal or just. There are still forms of institutional discrimination impacting marginalized communities. The struggle marches on.

More example responses:

  • “The long walk to freedom stretches before us.”
  • “The work of liberation remains unfinished.”
  • “The arc of history bends slowly, but we must keep applying the pressure for positive change.”

3. Our freedoms were earned, now they must be protected.

The 13th Amendment was the culmination of decades of struggle. Today our duty is to safeguard liberties won through such sacrifice. We must remain vigilant against new threats to freedom through participating in civic society and holding leaders accountable.

More example responses:

  • “Democracy demands an informed and engaged citizenry.”
  • “Complacency aids the enemies of equality.”
  • “The future remains unwritten. We must pick up the pen.”

4. This day reminds us all people deserve freedoms.

The original Constitution did not include all as equal. But the bold idea persists that innate liberties belong to every individual regardless of identity. On this day, we should re-dedicate ourselves to making universal freedoms a reality.

More example responses:

  • “Injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.”
  • “Until the last chain is broken, the work goes on.”
  • ” Freedom should have no bounds of class, race, gender or creed.”

5. Our fates and futures are bound together.

True liberty comes from solidarity amongst all people. When we recognize that oppression impacts us across difference, only then can we build the collective power to achieve emancipation. On this Freedom Day, may we stand united.

More example responses:

  • “Alone we are weak, together we are strong.”
  • “All for one and one for all.”
  • “The struggle belongs to all people.”

How to Reply to a Girl

Girls and women have faced their own unique battles for equal rights and freedom throughout history. So it can be meaningful to recognize that specifically on this day.

You might say: “To freedom for all women and girls – past, present and future!”

Or: “So thankful for the women who blazed trails for justice. Because of them, doors continue to open for our generation.”

How to Reply to a Guy

Men have important roles to play in furthering equality as well. Offer encouragement for them to reflect on biases, listen to marginalized voices, mentor others, and stand up to discrimination when witnessed.

Consider responding:

“Appreciate the well wishes! Hope you’ll join me in keeping the freedom fight going strong by continuing to learn, grow, and activate.”


“Thanks brother. Hope we can both challenge ourselves and other men to help make freedom real for all people.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Use National Freedom Day to express gratitude and re-commit to civil rights battles still underway.
  • Acknowledge important milestones while recognizing more progress still required.
  • Frame the discussion around positive social change that expands freedoms.

Marching Together Towards Justice

The road to equality has always been filled with struggle and sacrifice. Yet we owe thanks to those brave countless souls who’ve given so much to bend the arc closer towards justice.

The best way to honor them is by continuing their mission in today’s world. Although a single day will never be enough to fully give thanks or capture the complexity of liberty’s long journey, National Freedom Day at least provides a jumping off point to reflect and discuss.

Wherever we are on freedom’s road, whether closer to the beginning than end, may we all walk it together hand in hand.

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