The Best Comebacks When Asked If You’ve Done Your Homework

We’ve all been there. It’s the end of the day and your parent or teacher asks the question: “Did you finish your homework?” You freeze up, scrambling for a response. Maybe you actually did forget to do it amidst the chaos of after-school activities and hanging out with friends. Or maybe you just don’t feel like doing homework right now. Either way, you need a solid comeback, stat!

As an author focused on lifestyle topics for teens and young adults, I often get questions from readers about dealing with the dreaded homework inquiry. So I decided to put together this definitive guide on funny, clever, and even sassy responses you can use when asked this ubiquitous question. Keep reading for some amazing ideas you can try out next time, separated by theme for easy reference.

Funny Excuses About Forgetting Homework

We all forget things sometimes. Play these excuses for laughs or just to buy yourself a bit more time.

  • “I sent it to the printer but the paper tray was empty!”
  • “It’s still in my locker from yesterday. Oops!”
  • “My dog ate it, I swear! He must have grabbed it off my desk when I wasn’t looking.”
  • “Funny story…I grabbed all my books but left my completed homework on my bed. My bad!”
  • “I finished it! I just…can’t actually find it right now. Minor technical difficulty!”
  • “It was in my backpack earlier, but I think the homework goblins took it when I wasn’t looking!”

Snarky, Sassy Responses

Feeling bold? Try one of these snarky comebacks. Use sparingly and proceed with caution!

  • “I plead the fifth.”
  • “Do you think I would be smart enough to get into Harvard without doing my homework?”
  • “Well, I would have finished it if someone hadn’t talked my ear off about their weekend for 20 minutes.”
  • “The dog ate my homework and my ability to care.”
  • “Funny that you assume I had time to do homework in between my many extracurriculars, social obligations, and micronaps.”
  • “I guess you’ll just have to ground me from doing more homework, huh?”

Totally Honest Answers

If you just want to tell it like it is, these super honest responses could work. Pair it with an apology for best results!

  • “I just didn’t feel like doing it. My bad.”
  • “I kept putting it off last night and ran out of time. I know that was irresponsible.”
  • “I forgot it was due today! I’m sorry, I should have written down the due date.”
  • “I was so exhausted after soccer practice that I fell asleep doing it. I didn’t mean to not finish it.”
  • “You’re right, I got distracted hanging out with friends and didn’t make homework a priority like I should have.”
  • “I really have no good excuse. I procrastinated and didn’t manage my time properly. I’ll do better next time.”

Cheeky Punchlines

If you’re feeling punchy, try out one of these unexpected yet funny kickers. Make sure to keep it lighthearted!

  • “Did YOU finish MY homework?”
  • “I plead the fifth…grade!”
  • “Does ‘no’ count as finishing it?”
  • “Well, I wrote my name at the top. So technically I started it!”
  • “Define ‘finish.’ Like half? A third???”
  • “Fun fact: ‘No’ contains 75% of the letters needed to spell ‘finished!'”

Using Humor to Deflect

Rather than lying about your homework habits, injecting some harmless humor into your response is often the best route. Humor humanizes the situation and makes it harder for the other person to stay upset. After all, who can keep scolding someone after they make a joke so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh?

Even just an exaggerated “Uhhhhhh” or “Funny story…” can be enough to crack a smile before you launch into your excuse or apology. And dropping in a playful punchline at the end leaves the conversation on a lighter note.

So don’t be afraid to test out a funny response next time you’re asked the homework question! As long as you keep it respectful and lighthearted, using humor and a cheeky comeback could get you out of a tough spot.

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When Is It Okay to Joke About Not Doing Homework?

However, there are some caveats around using humor when asked if you finished your homework. You do need to consider factors like:

  • The situation
  • Who is asking
  • Your relationship with them
  • Their sense of humor

It’s generally fine to joke around with friends about homework woes. But how do you know when it’s okay to give a funny response versus when you should be more straightforward?

Here are a few key things to think about first.

Consider the Asker’s Position

  • Friends/classmates: Totally fine to joke around! Use humor freely.
  • Teachers: Proceed with caution, gauge their sense of humor first. Apologize too.
  • Parents: Usually okay to use light humor, especially if you have an easygoing relationship. But don’t be too glib.
  • Bosses/mentors: Avoid making jokes and excuses. Take responsibility for not finishing work and apologize.

Gauge the Mood of the Interaction

  • Casual chat: Humor is almost always welcome!
  • Tense situation: Read the room first. Jokes could make things worse if the other person is angry/frustrated.
  • Time crunch: If the asker needs that homework right now, skip the comedy and be direct.

Consider How Often You Use Humor/Excuses

  • Rarely forget homework: A joke here and there is no big deal.
  • Frequently don’t do homework: Making excuses often instead of taking responsibility looks irresponsible. Dial back the humor.

So in summary—read the situation first, and only pull out the funny homework responses occasionally when appropriate!

Clever Homework Humor You Haven’t Heard Before

Part of landing a solid homework joke is finding unexpected and clever humor. After all, classic excuses like “my dog ate it” get old fast.

To help you get creative, here are some humor techniques to try that add a unique twist:

Exaggerations and Hyperbole

Exaggerate an excuse to ridiculous proportions for silly humor:

“I was kidnapped by homework ninjas before I could finish it!”

Unexpected ‘Facts’

Sound super convincing by stating fake facts and statistics:

“Actually, scientists say 50% of homework gets spontaneously destroyed by homework gremlins. I’m just the unlucky victim this week!”


* "Would you believe me if I said aliens showed up to do my math problems for me, but they accidentally took my work with them when they beamed back onto their ship?"

Candy Theme

Compare homework woes to candy/dessert fails for delicious humor:

“Trying to finish last night was like trying to eat a whole carton of ice cream in one sitting. I hit a wall pretty fast!”


Cheesy wordplay always leaves ’em laughing:

“I penciled it in to do it tonight. But don’t worry, you can essay-ly give me another chance!”

Over-the-top Methods

Explain ridiculously complex plans to remember homework that inevitably failed:

“I tied string around all 10 fingers to remind me about tonight’s assignment, hired a backup friend to text me hourly, AND posted sticky note alerts everywhere. But somehow, I still managed to not finish it!”

IT Troubleshooting

Blame tech using silly IT lingo for an academic spin:

“Well, I tried to open my homework file, but it looks like there was a RAM overload that led to an CPU failure. I think my hard drive crashed? Ugh technology!”

Homework Horror Movie

Set the “tragic” scene by framing homework time like a scary movie:

“I was almost done with question 10 when I sliced my finger open on the paper! Then a giant swarm of math bees flew in through my bedroom window. Eventually I just had to surrender and make a run for it—barely escaping with my life. Man, what a night!”

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When in Doubt, Apologize Sincerely

At the end of the day, even if you have a clever excuse or witty comeback primed and ready to go, there are still times when you should ditch the jokes completely.

If you legitimately forgot or chose not to make homework a priority, then apologies, accountability, and honesty are better than humor.

Here are some key times when you’re better off apologizing sincerely:

  • You use excuses about missing/forgotten homework frequently
  • It’s clear the asker is truly frustrated or disappointed
  • Your grade is suffering because you consistently don’t do homework
  • You’re dealing with someone like a teacher, parent, or boss (instead of a friend)

When you do apologize, make sure you:

  • Sincerely say “I’m sorry”
  • Admit you should have done things differently
  • Recognize how your actions impact others
  • Commit to fixing the behavior

Owning up shows maturity, responsibility, and that you genuinely feel remorse.

Then later on, once things have cooled down, you can gently reopen the dialogue about struggles with homework. Is it too challenging, are you overloaded with commitments, or are you just really not a homework person? Communicating about root causes will go a lot better if you take time to sincerely apologize first.

I hope this guide gave you plenty of funny, clever, and creative excuses to try next time someone asks if you finished your latest homework assignment!

Use humor and snark occasionally when appropriate, but make sure you’re also balancing it out by fessing up with sincerity and accountability when needed.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite homework excuse is! I could use some new material for next time I “forget” an assignment (whoops).

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