How to Respond to “What Do You Like About Me?”, 18 Witty Responses

When someone asks you “What do you like about me?”

it can catch you off guard. You may draw a blank or worry your response sounds cliché.

This common question has arose on many first dates or in new relationships. Fortunately, many clever answers can keep the mood fun while showing you care.

What Do You Like About Me?

What Do You Like About Me?

Funny and Playful Comebacks to “What Do You Like About Me”

Humor relieves tension and brings you closer. With the right touch, comedy reveals affection and connection. Here are some lively replies:

“You have all the best snacks in your pantry.” Keep things breezy while implying you feel at home together.

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Thoughtful and Caring Responses to “What Do You Like About Me”

While humor has its place, you also want to reveal emotional intimacy. Thoughtful replies demonstrate affection, respect, understanding, and care for who they uniquely are. Consider these loving answers:

“You see the wonder and beauty in ordinary moments.” Compliment how they mindfully savor life’s simple pleasures.

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How to Respond to “What Do You Like About Me? From a Girl

How to Respond to “What Do You Like About Me? From a Boy

When and How to Reply “What I Like About You Is…”

Before offering responses, consider the context and approach. Reflect on why they asked for feedback and how to make them feel secure.

They Seek Affirmation and Reassurance

Sometimes people fish for compliments out of shyness, doubt, or insecurity. Reassure them.

Reply gently and emphasize positives that reinforce their great qualities. Give specific, meaningful praise.

They Want Emotional Intimacy and Understanding

Alternatively, this question can signal readiness for deeper connection.

Respond by lovingly sharing something vulnerable or quirky you admire. Describe unique strengths.

Discover Their Love Languages

People feel cared for in different ways. Notice what makes them light up.

Some love words of affirmation while others want quality time. Adjust replies to their preferences.

When Someone Requests Feedback, I Upgrade My Response

Rather than reply off the cuff, I consider my words carefully when someone says “What do you like about me?”

I understand this signals insecurity or hope for greater intimacy. They deserve thoughtful, uplifting responses.

Before answering, I reflect on their wonderful qualities that inspire me to be better too. I focus on emotional needs behind their request.

Then I share meaningful praise, humor, or visions for our future based on what I know comforts them. I give feedback that makes them feel secure, understood, and loved.

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