How to Respond to “I Can’t Wait to See You”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

I was recently texting someone I had been on a few dates with and they sent me the message “I can’t wait to see you again!”. I wasn’t expecting it and it caught me a bit off guard. My mind went blank trying to think of a good response.

After overthinking it, I finally sent back something boring like “Yeah me too!”. But I knew I could have come up with something more fun or flirty to say.

That got me thinking – what are some good responses when someone says “I can’t wait to see you” over text? I decided to put together this list of 30+ flirty, witty and savage comebacks.

30 Flirty, Witty and Savage Responses to “I Can’t Wait to See You”

Okay, let’s get into the list! Here are replies for when someone says “I can’t wait to see you”

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Funny Responses when Someone Says “I Can’t Wait to See You”

Now that we’ve covered a wide range of flirty and witty responses, let’s get into some funny replies for a more playful reaction.

Here are 12 funny ideas you can use when someone says “I can’t wait to see you” over message:

  1. I can’t wait to see you too! Want me to wear something special? 😜
  2. You seem awfully excited. Should I be concerned?? 😅
  3. Wow, someone’s eager beaver!
  4. Well that makes one of us! Jk jk 😝
  5. I haven’t showered in 3 days but ditto 🤪
  6. Is everything okay?? Who has your phone right now? 👀
  7. Sends selfie with crazy face Feeling’s mutual!
  8. Calm down…just breathe. We still have a few more days!
  9. I just want you for your dog, to be honest 🐕
  10. I would say “likewise” but my mom said lying is bad
  11. I think you have me confused with someone cooler…
  12. This is awkward because I was gonna cancel 🙊

Savage Responses when Someone Says “I Can’t Wait to See You”


Or if you want to take a more savage route, here are some sassy replies when they get a little too eager:

  1. Don’t let your excitement write a check your skills can’t cash 😎
  2. Careful, coming on too strong makes me want to run away!
  3. Aw babe, flattery will get you nowhere with me…
  4. Was that before or after I agreed to this date? 🤔
  5. Hmm too bad I can’t say the same…
  6. Sorry who is this again? 😅
  7. Wow, down boy! We just met like a week ago…
  8. That’s cute…but have you seen my abs though? 💪
  9. Bless your heart for being so excited!
  10. Someone’s gotta cool their jets before we meet up! 🚿
  11. Let’s not jump the gun here…still gotta impress me!
  12. This is our first date though? You good?

Try out a few and see which ones work best to match your messaging style and keep the fun, flirty banter flowing!

Flirty Responses

If you want to keep things playful and flirty, here are 12 more ideas to respond when someone says “I can’t wait to see you”:

  1. Lucky for you the feeling is mutual 😉
  2. Oh yeah? And what do you want to do when you finally see me?
  3. I bet you say that to all the girls/guys!
  4. Well the countdown is on! Hopefully you can contain yourself till then…
  5. You seem very excited about our date. Should I be flattered or concerned? 😜
  6. Oh don’t worry, I have plenty of ways planned to excite you even more when we meet up!
  7. Careful, you’re going to make me blush over here!
  8. Is that right? Well I happen to give excellent massages so get ready!
  9. I can’t wait either! Do I need to bring anything for this hot date?
  10. You ain’t seen nothing yet! Just wait till I break out my dance moves! 💃
  11. Well in that case I’ll have to make sure I look extra cute for you! 🥰
  12. If you think saying THAT got me excited, just wait till you hear my other ideas…😈

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Funny Responses (BONUS)

Here are 10 more funny ideas if you want to keep it silly and humorous:

  1. You seem awfully excited to do my laundry… 🧺
  2. Is this because I said I’d buy the pizza AND beer? 🍕🍺
  3. Should we carpool or take separate vehicles for our awkward first hug goodbye?
  4. I can’t wait either! I finally perfected my bird calls to show you. 🐦
  5. Perfect, I just got this great coupon for mini golf! 🏌️
  6. I’m so pumped to awkwardly make small talk and analyse signals on whether we should kiss! 😅
  7. Great, I’m deleting Tinder as we speak!
  8. This is fate! I LITERALLY just clipped my toenails for this. 🦶
  9. Wait, shoot…should I shower first or nah?
  10. Okay but before we meet again, we need a safe word! 😜

Savage Responses (BONUS)

And 10 more savage ideas if you want to clap back with some sass:

  1. Well one of us has to play hard to get here! 💁
  2. Sorry but I think you have me confused with someone who cares!
  3. Must be challenging being so eager with such lackluster game…
  4. Aw, you seem super thirsty but I left my tiny violin at home! 🎻
  5. Bless your heart for thinking I’m just as excited after that last date…
  6. Were you dropped on your head as a child or do you always come on this strong? 🤔
  7. Your excitement is cute but let’s not pretend we’re soulmates just yet…
  8. Sounds fake but okay!
  9. Please tell me this is a dare or a prank…
  10. Were you always this weird or do you just really struggle talking to women? Yikes! 😬

Let me know if you need any other ideas for responding when someone says “I can’t wait to see you!” I’ve got plenty more where that came from! 😉

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After going through dozens of ideas, here are my top 10 favorite flirty, funny, and savage responses for when someone eagerly says “I can’t wait to see you!”:

1. Me Too cutie! Start Planning Our Next Date 😍

Why it’s great: It’s flirty, positive, and moves the conversation forward to start planning your next meet up.

When to use: When you want to enthusiastically match their energy without getting too cheesy.

When NOT to use: If you are trying to play hard to get or be more nonchalant.

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2. Bless your impatient heart…😇

Why it’s great: It has a nice playful teasing tone with the “bless your heart” line. Shows you can banter back and forth.

When to use: When you want a funny, innocently snarky response.

When NOT to use: If they don’t appreciate sarcasm or savage comebacks.

3. Someone’s eager beaver! 🦫

Why it’s great: A funny line comparing them to an over-eager animal. Perfect for playful, silly flirting.

When to use: When you want a goofy zinger.

When NOT to use: If they don’t get your sense of humor.

4. Careful I might start thinking you actually like me! 😜

Why it’s great: Shows confidence while also being cheeky and flirty.

When to use: If you have good romantic chemistry but aren’t officially dating yet.

When NOT to use: If you want something more serious or sincere.

5. You Seem A Tad Excited There 👀

Why it’s great: Polite way to call out their strong eagerness & enthusiasm.

When to use: If they are coming on very strong but you want to gently call them out.

When NOT to use: If you don’t want to risk embarrassing them or killing the vibe.

6. I Haven’t Even Showered Yet, But Okay! 🚿

Why it’s great: Hilarious way to point out they are overly eager & you are more relaxed. Catches them off guard.

When to use: When you want an unexpected funny reaction.

When NOT to use: If they can’t appreciate self-deprecating humor.

7. Same Here, It’s Been 84 Years…🤣

Why it’s great: Funny Titanic reference people will get. Exaggerates the time apart.

When to use: When you’ve been apart for only a short time but want a dramatic movie reference joke.

When NOT to use: If they don’t get subtle pop culture humor references.

8. Someone’s Thirsty! 🥤 Here’s Some Water

Why it’s great: Funny and savage. Calls out their strong interest & exaggerates it.

When to use: If they are coming on too strong too soon.

When NOT to use: Early on before rapport is built. Could offend sensitive people.

9. Please Try To Contain Your Excitement 🙄

Why it’s great: Sarcastic way to tease them for over-eagerness.

When to use: When you want a playfully sassy or hard-to-get response.

When NOT to use: If they can’t take a joke or will get offended.

10. You Seem A Little TOO Eager There Bud…😅

Why it’s great: Friendly way to call out slightly inappropriate excitement & tone it down.

When to use: When their eagerness level feels uncomfortable or unrealistic.

When NOT to use: If you want to match their energy & enthusiasm. Could embarrass sensitive people.

Let me know if you want me to dive deeper on using any of these top 10 responses! There’s so many ways to react – flirty, funny, savage and everything in between.

How to Respond to a Girl

If a girl eagerly says “I can’t wait to see you!” to a guy, here are some tips for the guy:

  1. Match her enthusiasm: Show her you feel the same excitement! Use a flirty response like “Me too cutie! Counting down the minutes”.
  2. Stay positive: Keep it fun and friendly. Avoid any responses that could come across as unsupportive.
  3. Ask questions: Get her more engaged by asking what she wants to do on your next date or what she’s looking forward to.
  4. Compliment her: Notice what specifically made you so excited to see them again like their smile or laugh. Girls love compliments!

How to Respond to a Guy

If a guy is the one eagerly saying this, here are tips for the girl responding:

  1. Tease gently: Respond in a playful, mildly sarcastic way, gently calling him out for his eagerness.
  2. Flirt back: Let him know you feel the same way! “Me too handsome 😉 Better rest up before our big night!”
  3. Stay confident: Avoid sounding overly impressed. Maintain a bit of mystery to keep him on his toes.
  4. Ask engaging questions: “Oh really? What exactly were you hoping would happen on this date?” Get him anticipating it.

Other Related Questions

What if they ask “What are we?” after eagerly saying this?

Carefully consider the relationship & your feelings. Be honest but tactical based on your goals. Say something like “I really like where this is going! Let’s give it a little more time.”

What if you can’t wait to see them either?

Great! Tell them sincerely. Try “The feeling is totally mutual! I’ve really missed you.” No need to play games if you feel the same excitement.

What if it was meant for someone else?

Oops, awkward! Depending on your relationship, playfully call out the mistake & ask who they meant to send it to. Or just pretend you didn’t notice.

What if you see them saying this flirtatiously to someone else?

Don’t overreact or be accusatory right away. But you can casually ask who they were messaging to gauge if you should address it.

How should you respond if it’s your partner of 5 years?

Hopefully you feel just as eager after all that time! “Same here honey! The kids will be so excited too.” Keep that spark alive.


Getting an “I can’t wait to see you!” message can be exciting but also nerve-wracking when figuring out how to respond. Hopefully this article gave you plenty of flirty, funny and savage ideas to react smoothly and confidently next time while keeping your relationship spark alive!

The most important thing is understanding the tone of your conversations so far. Match that energy, have fun with it, and don’t stress too much about crafting some perfect witty comeback.

Keep it lighthearted and positive early on. When in doubt, a cute emoji goes a long way. Good luck and happy flirting out there!

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